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Pro Surfing, Activist Scion of Opuhala


I have a temper? Hah, you should meet my sister.


Friends of the Reef, UNITE!
Catch The Wave, Don't Get Caught
My Twin's Better Than Your Twin

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Ka 'Oi aʻe

Volya: What can I say? She's my pupule wahine. I wouldn't have it any other way. Sun, Sand, Surf, or Van. Always my Vee.


Bjorn: Huge dude, knows to get out of the vog. Future surfer? Needs a huge board.
Conni: Truly awesome, and intense. Always willing to throw down. Also willing to stand up.
Isaac: Every so often I have to feel sorry for the guy, then he gets laid by a blanket of pixies and I can stop feeling sorry for him...

Ke Kahi

Akhlut: Fierce, like a warrior. Definitely seems to revel in battle and somehow in life.
Healani: Has an interesting feel about her, seems serious. I wonder if she's ever ridden bitch on a surfboard?
Heath: Wow, this guy has got to be the best party buddy ever.
Shawn: Fellow Surfer, hits the waves hard and has a cool vibe about him. Fun.

E Maluhia

Aksel: Decent guy, seems nice enough. And he really put himself to it so people could be safe.
Aolani: Sweet, until she's going to tear you to shreds. Great dancer as well.
Casey: Southern girl with the gift of mouth, for sure. Fiery blonde!
Corrine: When you buy me a keg after I get humped by a dog, we've got a bond tighter than you know.
Darcy: Likes to take pictures, talks like a reporter that wants to get somewhere. But you're already on Oahu!
Ember: Awesome maoli living by the older ways of doing things. I can't wait to see her catch a wave and ride it well.
Enola: Definitely has her own style, and has a strong accent I only recognize from the docks.
Felix: Tricky and shifty in that way that Vee can be, he seems to enjoy a good time, though!
Finn: Helpful when he saw another brah in need. Also, we might share the same favorite pastimes.
Fiona: Girl was just out enjoying some water, man. Got dragged into some CRAZY stuff. She handled it well, though.
Grayson: Guy's got a sharp tongue and a good wit. He's crazy wearing all that black in the summer, though.
Haruka: She seems lithe, almost fragile, but she wasn't afraid to fuck with the Ghouls. That's good stuff.
Iara: Saw her dancing, then later, saw a bat cutting up zombies with us. She rode off on the tiger, hopefully he didn't eat her. Good Bat.
Iolana: Woman likes to drain her bottles, but seems cautious. Maybe she's not used to friendly people?
James: Denzel-cute kinda dude with a real knack for making people HURT. Magically.
Joachim: Always looking for the deeper answers in things, even when the answer is just that it's the way things are.
Kai: Poor kid just didn't quite have the right way to put things, I hope he found his mellow in the ocean.
Keha: The best sister on the planet. And I challenge other planets to come up with one worthy of comparison.
Kilia: A fellow surfer, has some pretty wings and is anti-boar running free. Good way to be.
Kirk: Seems like he knows how to do his thing, but didn't stick around for questions.
Kirsi: Preach, Soul Sister! PREACH! Strong, willing to help when things get totally weird.
Leif: Comes as a pair with Kilia, don't know him well beyond that, really.
Logan: Uses his fists, but doesn't get too ruffled by the unknown. Interesting dude. Keeps his head on. Surly, too.
Lola: Seems nice enough, and charges into unknown dangers without hesitation.
Molly: A haole girl from England, she seems nice and apparently really likes learning new things.
Muriel: After one too many times of being on the defense from what she's done to me... I think I'm good on the opposite side of the street.
Nick: Clever fellow, has a good wit. Doesn't seem to freak out at all with the weird stuff, and likes to hang up zombies like pinatas.
Peter: Well, I never figured I'd see a tiger that close. Is it less cool that it's really a dude? Nope. Tigers are still cool.
Rick: Good guy that's definitely found himself on the path less traveled. I can only give him good luck and hopefully he doesn't blow himself up.
Villam: Dude... maybe you should see about taking some anti-harassment classes?
Zep: I rarely feel the need to break someone's jaw at first meeting. But hey, it was a rare night.

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Played By: Jianna Renae Bonomi
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Name: Momilani 'Mila' Alamea 'Aukai
Apparent Age: 27
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Kaua'i, Hawaii
Temperament: Spirited, Forward, Tenacious, Sporty, Intense, Driven
Mantle: Scion
Bloodline: Opuhala, Goddess of Coral and Spiny Sea Things
Status: Born and raised Hawaiian, loves living on Oahu.
Occupation: Pro Surfer, Reef Health Activist
Languages: English, Hawaiian
Theme Song: I Am The Fire - Halestorm
Alts: Loa, Eve (White Courtier), Grace (Jade Courtier), Lili (Emissary of Power), Nala (Werecreature), Nia (Red Court Infectee), Owen (Magical Practitioner), Sylvi (Valkyrie), Uma (Focused Practitioner), Wren (Changeling)

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RP Hooks
Pro Surf n Turf: Mila's always willing to chat with fans, or to enjoy a good bout of wave riding with others. Just remember to be cool, because one doesn't go nuts on surf Pros while out on the waves. Those conversations happen on land, when no one's waiting for a set.
Reef Health Activist: Mila is a well known proponent of the Reef Health movement, and a huge supporter and activist in the local area. If you want to get involved in healing the coral growths around Hawaii, just reach out! She'll help!
Something Strange In the Water?: If you've seen something strange in the water, Mila might well go check it out with you. She's always interested in finding something new. Or rediscovering something old!

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