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Sunburnt Valkyrie Monster Hunter


HR Hate me.


Frequent Flier
All work and no play...
Duty is a harsh mistress

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Akhlut : Possibly insane. Very capable fighter, one I'd like at my back.
Jane : A cousin with beautiful eyes and a talent for improvised weaponry.
Mila : Friendly and capable, somewhat Amazonian. Piggie back ride was welcome!
Sylvi: There is never enough whipped cream.
Volya : Hippy chick who'll jump into a ghoul filled hole. I like her!
Wren : Polite and gallant, someone I trust implicitly to do the right thing.

Kunne Lide

Aksel : Dark broody type, into his cups?
Amalesh : Tourist, bit of a hands off type.
Aolani : Combat owl, a memorable first encounter.
Aurelie : Seeks redemption for something in her past. Beautiful and connected.
Eve : Deliciously distracting. I'm still waiting to hear about the chiseler.
Haruka : Met at the graveyard, seems capable.
Healani : Another of my first guides to the island...we drank far too much but it was good fun
Heath : Talks of connections that I don't understand, speaks as one from high society?
Iara : Comes across like a wounded dove and then charges a Valkyrie to defend a tiger?
Keha : Introduced me to the Island, a fun drinking partner! Possible job opportunities beating up those who harm the reef.
Kirsi: A fellow Valkyrie, one to watch out for.
Kilia : Surfer dudette?
Grace : Teacher of the 'Way of the tatami'. I became one with the tatami many times...
Lola : Not all there, can fight though.
Nala : Combat capable, not afraid to get into the water.
Max: A punk who is totally not shy. Troubled with a soft side.
Owen: I hardly know you but you've seen so much. I wonder if he always blushes?
Peter : Tiger Barman?
Rick : The other type of water-boarder
Tabby : Irish-Latino, not fond of Valkyries but a good drinking partner!


Leif - Scion of Heimdall - Likes blowing people's cover.

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Played By: Jessica Madeline
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Name: Conni Leifdottir
Apparent Age: 25
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Denmark
Temperament: Coming Soon
Mantle: Valkyrie
Status: Sunburnt, living in the Sun on Oahu.
Occupation: On Sabbatical from Monoc
Languages: Danish, English
Theme Song: Immigrant Song - Trent Reznor ft. Karen O
Alts: Kilauea, Damien (White Courtier), Ink (Scion), Isaac (Changeling)

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RP Hooks
Monster Hunters of the World, Unite!: Have you got a mission to wipe out the evils of the world as well?

Valkyries have many jobs: It's entirely possible you might be trying to win your way to Valhalla. If so, perhaps you want to get on Conni's good side?

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