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Hawaiian Grown Were-Orca


A Blurred Shoreline


Call Aloha to the Waves
Good Eats, Thrilling Times
The Big Picture

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Ka 'Oi aʻe

Akhlut: It's not hard to be someone's star when they've given you the moon, the sea, the sky, and the world.


Bjorn: A large, friendly man that doesn't shy away from sharing the delicacies we should all enjoy! Quite capable in a fight, too.
Conni: She's definitely capable of handling things that are dangerous. Her aim's gotten MUCH better.
Healani: Very sweet, definitely has a good head on her shoulders and knows when to go get dessert.
Isaac: He's sharp, and a bit on the paranoid side. Keen edge to him.

Ke Kahi

E Maluhia

Amalesh: Intent to live and let live, even the things that maybe shouldn't?
Angela: A new Angel on the island. Helpful and knows the heartbeat of things already. A beautiful shifter!
Aolani: Lovely, a local creature that sings with ohana and aloha. Fearless!
Carver: Ex-military and suffering for it. Seems nice enough, but not quite here yet.
Corrine: Friendly, definitely strikes me as a party girl.
Ember: Sweet girl! I like her. She loves the ocean and she works the land. Plus, enjoys beer and ice cream.
Felix: Real quick to shift around in the face of curious events. Vicious when necessary.
Fiona: She's pretty and a careful girl. Seems very sure that she's cursed, I hope she's not.
Rover: A lovely dog, that can speak. And likes treats. Doesn't like simpering women.
Haruka: Watchful, only seems to act when she knows precisely what it is she wants to do.
Iara: Used to work with Akhlut, seems a touch shy. Good about helping out those that need medical assistance.
Jane: I like her, she's strikingly lovely and not self absorbed. Also helpful.
Joachim: Funny, in that way that Uncles at family reunions are funny. I like him!
Juniper: Pale as a ghost, and a bit fragile emotionally.
Kai: Seems like he's a good guy, very much about keeping things right. Doesn't like it when his friends are harmed, but who does?
Keegan: Lovely ink on his skin, tough, he's got a solid bear hug. Ready to lend a hand when needed.
Keha: She's a spirited thing! I like her vibrancy and her taste in brunch.
Kilia: Nice enough, with Leif, has a kiddo.
Kirk: Poor fellow had a really hard day, but at least he's not going home cursed.
Kirsi: A fierce one in battle and she has beautiful wings like a raven!
Leif: Seems like a good dad. An ex-cop that likes his beer on the beach at night.
Lio: A big man that supports his friend, and also knows the value of tradition, even if he needs a hug to urge him on.
Lola: OK, so she's completely off her rocker. At least her hair is a good warning flag as to which direction to walk.
Molly: A woman on new land, I hope she enjoys it as much as possible.
Muriel: A heartless woman with no care for the traditions of others, or the suffering her carelessness causes.
Nick: I saw him when the sharks attacked, but didn't see him after. Hopefully he wasn't eaten while I wasn't watching.
Peter: Lives dangerously, or at least unknowingly does so. Seems nice, also seems to like riding the crazy train.
Rick: Cares for others despite the dangers to himself and finishes the enemy as a mighty hunter would!
Robin: He seems to practice martial arts, and doesn't like swearing. Also very cautious. Which might be smart sometimes.
Villam: Seems alright, carries brandy to the beach in case damsels need a nip.
Volya: A little bit touched, she also has a thing for admiring hard-won asses.
Yazhu: Dresses as if she's from decades ago China. Pretty, soft spoken, seems quiet.

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RP Hooks
Surf and Turf: Nala can be found on almost any beach or near the beach. She loves it there, truly. Another easy place to run across her would be on the waves, but out there it's best just to give her an upnod and wait for the conversation til you both come in from the break.

Odd Jobs: Sometimes you have to find money for the little things, and sometimes it's hard to find those odd jobs around. Nala's a great resource to figure out who's hiring, as she's likely working those odd jobs as well.
Foodie: When it comes to food, Nala knows where to eat. She's lived locally for years now, and can point you in the right direction, no matter what you're looking for.

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Played By: Kawahine Andrade

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Name: Nalani 'Nala' Malu Kekoa
Apparent Age: 26
Age: 26
Place of Birth: Maui, Hawaii
Temperament: Somewhat Distracted, Daydreamy, Smiley, Happy, Mellow, Physical
Mantle: Werecreature
Werecreature Type: Were-Orca
Status: Been here a long time, man, love Oahu.
Occupation: Random, odd jobs.
Languages: English, Hawaiian
Theme Song: All Around Me - Flyleaf
Active Alts: Loa, Eve (White Courtier), Grace (Jade Courtier), Lili (Emissary of Power), Mila (Scion), Nia (Red Court Infectee), Owen (Magical Practitioner), Sylvi (Valkyrie), Uma (Focused Practitioner), Wren (Changeling)
Inactive Alts:

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