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Farmsteading Masseriol Changeling


Charmer Farmer


Farmers, Outstanding in their field!
Everything in Moderation, Especially Moderation
The Wyld Impulse

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Akhlut: Big guy that knows what he needs, knows how to go about it. Glad to know him. Even gladder he's on my side and a friend.
Conni: I caught myself thinking, are all Danish women like this? But I can't imagine another Conni shaped mold out there, she obviously broke it.


Artio: Gave me a gift which helped me understand more truly my Wyld nature. In return, I killed the White God Bull.
Healani: Charming and lovely. A good sense of humor, honest, and surprisingly witty. A good woman to spend a day with, or longer, if you have the right cake.
Isaac/Cassia: Handed me a gun before he ever knew my name. The makings of a beautiful friendship. Also know this one as a lovely young lady, just a bit too solidly in her blushing phase.
Peyt: A lovely girl with an eye for horses and other livestock. She's got a great attitude and seems willing to rise to a challenge.


Ink: True to his name, he's got some nice ink. Gruff, but in that classic 'man's way'. Decent fellow.


Abdiel: I might have met the kid on a bad day. He doesn't seem to be the source of many smiles that I've noticed so far.
Aksel: He's got a good arm, and seems interested in knowing what's going on in the world.
Amalesh: Seems very classy and knows the value of local ceremony. Doesn't like bugs much.
Angela: Has a wild fierceness that showed itself to be extremely capable. Lovely woman, should be more in the world like her.
Anuhea: Beachy girl that likes to be involved with the party, but not too crazy with it.
Aolani: Lovely and absolutely a joy, very helpful, too.
Carver: Tough, seems to have the talent of a soldier. Comes off quite rude.
Corrine: Fun, spunky girl that really likes to get in there and be doing something.
Felix: Nice guy, might end up doing some work for me over the summer. Eager to get out there and just do, it seems.
Jane: Sharp, direct. Seems to be comfortable moving through life in her own way.
Joachim: Guy goes all out to protect pregnant women. And he's got a bit of oomph to back it up. Also, inquisitive, about anything new and interesting.
Iara: Shy kid trying to move forward in the world. I never mind helping out a friend when I can.
Iolana: Seems nice enough, a little hard around the edges. Likes her drink more than people, or at least groups of people.
Keha: Spirited and definitely has herself a worthy cause. She can inspect anything she'd like.
Kirk: Watchful, but also fairly mellow.
Kirsi: Nice woman with a kind heart for animals. Similar in vein to Conni and Jane, so that's points in her favor as well. Delivered to me the best puppy on earth.
Leif: Definitely seems to see everything, like he's got eyes that go deeper than the surface.
Logan: Metal worker with an interesting business model. I think he'll do a good job fixing things up around the farm.
Lola: Definitely something a bit 'off' about her, she seems to swap out between stoned and hard boiled.
Muriel: Pretty red-head with a harp, likes the flirting.
Peter: This young tiger gets himself into some scrapes. Has a kindness to him, also willing to try new things.
Rick: Willing to guard a woman giving birth and doesn't lose his focus. Quality fellow. Very kind, nice to meet him properly.
Tabby: Outspoken, seems confident, has the air of authority about her. Also, direct. I always do like direct.
Volya: Spirited, vibrant, woman and bee-keeper. She also has a knack for getting into trouble. But I'll help her out, just like she does her best to help me.

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Played By: Charlie Hunnam
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Name: Wren Briar Atworth
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Oahu, Hawaii
Temperament: Charming, Hard Working, Steadfast, Reliable, Determined
Mantle: Changeling
Changeling Type: Masseriol
Faerie Court: Wyld
Status: Longtime Farmer, well-established in Oahu.
Occupation: Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy) and Farmer
Owner of Atworth Acres
Languages: English, Hawaiian
Theme Song: Howl - Florence And The Machine
My Type - Saint Motel
Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - Big and Rich
Active Alts: Loa, Eve (White Courtier), Grace (Jade Courtier), Lili (Emissary of Power), Mila (Scion), Nala (Werecreature), Nia (Red Court Infectee), Owen (Magical Practitioner), Sylvi (Valkyrie), Uma (Focused Practitioner)
Inactive Alts:

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RP Hooks
Looking for Fresh Beef?: Wren provides cuts of beef from his cows 2-3 times a year when they're butchered. Come on by!
Looking for Fresh Dairy Products? Wren's farm is a great source for fresh goat and cow's milk, as well as the cheeses made from them. You might not be able to have it every day, but it is available in small batches.
Warm Days on the Farm: Feel like seeing what it's like to have a day on the Farm?
Livestock and Livery: The cows, horses, and goats love visitors!
Learning To Ride?: Wren's more than happy to give riding lessons!

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