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 Changelings are people who were born to one mortal parent and one faerie parent. At least for the moment, they live life as mortals, or close to it. However, they walks the line of "the Choice", which divides their mortal and faerie natures. When they call upon the powers in their faerie blood, they gradually bring themselves close to becoming fully faerie. Over time, too much transformation can make it impossible to retain that grip on mortality. However, the Choice can be made more dramatically: casting humanity aside and becoming faerie all at once, or giving up that faerie potential and becoming fully mortal. Once the Choice is made, it can't be reversed. Those who remain Changelings tend to walk a tightrope.

 As a note: In the books, changeling powers come online randomly during scenes. Obviously, this is a mush and cannot work just like table top. For the moment, we expect all players to put in requests for advancement that staff approve. This may or may not change in the future.

Minimum Refresh Cost

 -0. The total cost for changelings depends on how close they've come to their fae heritage.


  • Changelings must have a high concept indicating their status as such.
  • Changelings must take the Called Condition.
  • We ask that Changelings write a 'template' in bg section 4 that reflects all of the powers their Fae parent had.

Important Skills

 None specifically, this is varied highly for this mantle.

Active PCs

  • Isaac - Alejandro Corzo Suarez
  • Peyt - Talia Papantoniou
  • Wren - Charlie Hunnam

Active Fae and Changeling NPCs

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