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Relentless Ex-cop Emissary of Fenrir


Supposed to be Served Cold


Walking the Beat
No Use for Sleeping Dogs
Like a Dog with a Bone

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Sylvi: Strange to find commonality with someone that is supposed to be my enemy.
Uma: She definitely made a mistake feeding me, but she is my favorite WASP in the world.


Bjorn: So he's a bear. Just keeps on murdering things.
Conni: Another Valkyrie on the island, she drinks and doesn't seem like a puta.
Felix: Why the fuck do you transform into a talking, trumpeting thunder chicken?
Casia: I suppose we're seen each other in the worst of circumstances.
Rex: Not the best at pretending to be a dog, but I respect the approach.
Healani: The endless hours and writing I know. I also know she looks good in a bikini.
Kai: Blushes a bit, but it's not fear.
Owen: I think New York would eat him alive, but all in all, he's a really nice guy.

Not Trying

Enola: Which is more ridiculous? The top hat or her talking to the air? No clue.
Iara: The girl had me thinking I was in a hidden lover's overlook or some shit.
Joachim: Terrible fucking jokes, not enough alcohol in the world to save them.
Keegan: Canadians. Jumping into others' shit in the most apologetic way.
Lei: She was the point that I decided this island is so fucked up.
Peter: Doesn't believe in packing light, I guess.
Rick: Quiet surfer that got flushed down a toilet.

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RP Hooks
Ex-Cop: You an ex-cop, too? Might have something to talk about.
Not Particularly Cool: Tabby is a hothead, chances are good she's easy to notice.
Short, but mean: Sometimes, it's easy to trip over the wrong speed bumps!

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Played By: Paula Garcés

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Name: Tabitha 'Tabby' Kelley O'Connell
Apparent Age: 25
Age: 25
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Mantle: Emissary of Power, Werecreature
Patron: Fenrir
Shapeshifter Type: Wolf
Status: Brand, spankin', new to Oahu.
Occupation: Bodyguard
Languages: English, Spanish
Theme Song: Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore
Alts: Lo'ihi, Akhlut (Werecreature), Heath (Pure Mortal), Max (Red Court Infectee), Noah (Scion), Volya (Changeling)

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