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Oahu Region Map.jpg
An island where danger is the farthest thing from your mind.
But closer than you'd ever think.

The Areas of Oahu

 Oahu is big enough to contain not just the high society but the lowest of the low as well. You can find people that happily live in a high rise of Honolulu and spend all of their free time on the beach, catching waves with their fellow surfers. Literally the melting pot of people on Hawaii is varied and wide, the chances are good anyone could be here.

Where can I build? Where can I claim Territory?

 The Island of Oahu is organized into several small areas that all have their own flavor to them. This game is considered entirely crossover in terms of mantles and the interactions between PCs. There's no reason not to have your home anywhere you feel your PC would consider it a good place to live. Keep in mind, this is Hawaii. People might spend their time essentially 'living' on the beach. You do not have to create a home for yourself on grid, but it is something you have the option for.

When are we?

 As we are the spiritual successor of a previous game, our setting starts out in August of 2007. We gain 1.5 days IC for every 1 day in real life that has passed.
  • Check out our timeline of Dresden books/events here: Timeline

The Island Divisions

 Oahu, Hawaii is the most populous of all the Hawaiian islands. It's separated generally into 5 regions, all of which can be experienced in game play.
  • Central Oahu - The fertile, verdant valley between the two mountain ranges on Oahu. Many homesteads and even some ranches can be found here along with farmland.
  • Honolulu - The largest city in Hawaii, by far. Beautiful, with many, tall, well designed buildings (some not-so well designed) and a bustling commerce.
  • Leeward Coast - Dryer than the lush Windward Coast, smaller rural villages exist here along with several less-known beaches.
  • North Shore - 7 miles of some of the most glorious beaches in the world. Home of true, big-wave surfing and world renowned surf competitions.
  • Windward Coast - Lushly tropical countryside giving way to perfected white sand beaches. This is the wetter, more verdantly covered area of the island.

 PCs can choose to live in any of these areas.

Useful Links

  • Oahu Information - Check out this link to learn more about Oahu!
  • The Real Hawaii - Check out a handy little guide written for us by our very own Hawaiian consultants!
  • House Rules - This is important to pay attention to, as it effects game play!