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Dresden Files Timeline
Updated to keep a current running list of the Dresden Files events per the book series by Jim Butcher.
Dresden File Timeline
Book names are in Bold Italics, Novelettes and Graphic Novels are in Italics.
Events will be added here as they happen.
Year Events
1994 The Unseelie Incursion, "when the entire city of Milwaukee had simply vanished for two hours. Gone. The most recent version of the Unseelie Accords is signed.
The White Council holds their last hearing for a known violator of the laws of magic.
1997 Shroud was nearly destroyed in a mysterious fire.
1998 A Restoration of Faith.
2000 Welcome to the Jungle, Storm Front and Fool Moon
2001 Grave Peril
1st January 2002 Dark Spires Game Start Date
2002, June Summer Knight
June 16 The Reds attack Archangel.
2004 (btw DM and BR): Vignette (Jim originally stated he had no time frame in mind, though the reference to unicorns led me to place it some time after Summer Knight. Good to finally have a date pinned down, thanks to Side Jobs!
2004, Summer Mold demons devour the Beetle's interior. They were "a present from the guest villain a few months ago." Also, Harry travels to "exotic Oklahoma" and runs down a rogue storm sylph as a favor to the Summer Lady.
2004 Molly manifests her magic.
2004, late Autumn Blood Rites. Thanks to wydren, we now know this takes place a year after DM, as after Inari's failed attempt to seduce Harry, he tells Thomas that it had been over a year since he had been with Susan [BR 161]. We also know it takes place slightly less than two years before PG.

We know that Lisa Murphy (Karrin's youngest sister) is one month shy of 21, and that her fiancee Rick/Rich is nearly twice her age.

Late 2004/Early 2005 Murphy begins teaching Harry to stick fight.

From Heorot: "I don’t think Caine knew much about quarterstaff fighting. Murphy had been teaching it to me, however, for almost four years."

2005, October (Halloween) Dead Beat. Georgia is now in Grad School, which makes sense now that we know she was in college in FM. We're not sure when they started grad school, but we do know that she and the rest of the Alphas are going to graduate in a year and a half. Ramirez is 20, according to Word of God.
October 29 The book begins.
October 31 The Darkhallow
2005, November? I Was A Teenage Bigfoot, the short story from Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste. Irwin is 14. It takes place after Dead Beat, as Harry is a Warden.
2006, March War Cry, a graphic novel in which Harry and a trio of young Wardens defend an outpost of Venatori from a Red Court attack.
2006, Spring to early Summer Something Borrowed, the short story from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. Billy and Georgia are married, despite the best efforts of Maeve and Jenny Greenteeth. I'm tempted to set this in the Spring of 6 ASF because of vague references to weather conditions (Murphy is just wearing a shirt, and dons a jacket to go into Undertown), but if anyone can find more explicit evidence of when this story takes place, I'd appreciate it.
2006, July Proven Guilty. A few days after: Molly's first thaumaturgy lesson, tracking Mouse with a few hairs. (referenced in Bombshells)
2007, February 14th Random LARPer Constance Bushnell/Drulinda is turned by the Black Court. (referenced in It's My Birthday Too)
2007, Spring Harry, Ramirez, and Luccio train baby wardens at "Camp Kaboom." Badness ensues.
2007, May White Night. Marcone becomes the first vanilla human freeholding lord under the Unseelie Accords. Molly is 19, somehow having celebrated two birthdays in the ten months between this book and Proven Guilty, in which she was 17.
2007, June The Alphas will graduate.
2007, August 1st Tenebrous Isles Game Start Date
2008, February 13-14 Down Town, a graphic novel in which Harry and Molly fight a slime monster slaughtering local businessmen.
2008, February 14 It’s My Birthday Too, the short story from Many Bloody Returns. Thomas turns 39-40. Molly is 20 (“just out of her teens”) and has been Harry’s apprentice for a year and a half.
2008, a few months after DT/IMBT Wild Card, a graphic novel that pits Harry against the chaotic, vicious, Joker-ish Puck.
2008, October Heorot, the short story from My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon.
2008, late November Small Favor.
2009, early March Backup, a novelette published by Subterranean Press. (Takes place a few days before ice skating closes in Millennium Park, which is around March 13th)
2009, ?, a week before Day Off Harry travels to New Orleans and demonstrates a ritual cleansing for the Paranetters, disrupting the fiendish wrath of Darth Wannabe.
2009, ? Day Off, the short story from Blood Lite. Most likely does not take place in Winter, as Harry and Luccio’s date was supposed to include horseback riding.
2009, Summer The Warrior, the short story from Mean Streets.
2009, Summer Curses, the short story from The Naked City. According to Cass and Katarn, chronologically it fits in 2008-2009 — all decent seasons for the Cubs, with Tampa Bay also rising in the ranks.
Somewhere between May of 2009 and the Summer of 2010 AAAA Wizardry, the short story included in The Dresden Files RPG: Our World.
2010, March Last Call, the short story from Strange Brew.
2010, Summer Turn Coat
2010, mid-October Bigfoot on Campus, the short story from Hex Appeal. Irwin is 18.
2011, late March (8 months before Changes) Even Hand, the short story from Dark and Stormy Knights, told from Marcone’s POV.
2011, September Love Hurts, the short story from Songs of Love and Death.
2011, October Changes
And 45 minutes later: Aftermath, a novelette from Murphy’s POV, published exclusively in Side Jobs.
2011, late Decemberish Billy and Georgia’s daughter is born!
2012, May 9th Ghost Story
2012, September Bombshells, the Molly-POV story from Dangerous Women.
2012, October 31 Cold Days and a few days after: Cold Case, the Molly-POV story from Shadowed Souls.