Layers of Reality

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Layers of Reality
At least here on Oahu...


 Reality is just that. You see it every day around you, you live in it on the regular. Sure, you might escape it once in a while via the transport of a dream or a fantasy, but really, we're all still here. Luckily, here on Tenebrous Isles our reality is set in the beautiful world of Hawaii, lots of sand, surf, sun, and adventure. Even without the things that go bump in the night, this place is a world-wide desired destination for many a traveler.

 Sometimes things that do not at all belong in reality show up and have to be pushed back to where they do belong. And sometimes, we take treks into a realm we should likely have thought twice about entering, but at least Reality will always be there for us when we get back. Right?


 The Third Eye gives you the ability to see the world and people for what they really are. It's a truth that could come to shock someone when looking at it. Things are certainly not always what they seem to be. Those with The Third Eye as a power are able to use it via the +sight/on and +sight/off commands to see the truth of the world, and all the things in it. It can be dangerous, and even harmful, but it's always there if you need it...

The NeverNever

 The NeverNever is a place of wonder. Home to Faerie and a plethora of other areas that can be awe inspiring. Along with all the amazing adventures you might have there, a hint of danger is around every corner. Sometimes the hint is far more obvious and the danger becomes something you can't easily avoid. Mixed in with all the interesting moments there is the fact that the NeverNever is fluid and moving in many ways, it's not always going to spit you back out into reality where you expect it. Sometimes, the same way you entered a recalled place in the NeverNever isn't going to take you to that same place again.

 A Note on Demesne - One key difference of the NeverNever is that there are beings with the capability to create their own, specific area in that realm. This place will always be in the same spot, and always is controlled by the being that created it.


 Oahu is a mysterious place when it comes to all the dead that are gathered there. Lots of bodies are found in dig sites, only to be covered up again and built atop of. There are spirits everywhere, from many times, many battles, many hardships. Those with the ability to see the dead might be surprised what they find when they look around.