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And what it means for you.

What is Consent?

 Consent is just what it sounds like, your consent to whether or not things happen to your characters. No matter which game you play here at Tenebrous Isles you can expect a certain level of danger to surround your PCs.

 Does that mean people are gunning for you? Does it mean that GM's are literally trying to kill you with every scene they run? Heaven's no! In fact, we'll do all we can (As Staff) to let you know that you're walking into a dangerous situation.

What about things worse than Death?

 We admit that things happen in the world that are terrible. There truly are, horrible, very bad things. We won't even disagree that these things sometimes should happen in the environment of the game. However, we will never force you to go through these things. Additionally, if there is a scene that occurs to someone in which they have had an act of rape or some sort of sexual violence or torture style violence committed against them, NO ONE will be required to be involved with the situation.

 A player can choose to partake in scenes of rape between themselves and another PC, but no GM on Tenebrous Isles is allowed to run scenes that involve descriptive scenes of rape or TS (tiny sex) that involve the use of NPC's. This might seem harsh, but those are the rules. Even if a player chooses to partake in a rape scene, that player may ask for help from others, but any other player can refuse to help or even know about the incident IC, as it is not something that most people want to be involved in. If a character does not consent to being raped with detail, the scene should end immediately with the notation of 'Rape Occurred'. There should be no further explanations, ever, and a dice will be rolled to see how much damage was incurred during the process of said offense.

What could get me killed?

 The Fate system makes it notoriously hard to die, really. Because you can concede in a scene and get out without dying as part of the concession, it means you can really avoid this happening to you. Yes, if something truly intense happens and a PC gets to the point that death is really the only possible outcome, that sort of thing will be dealt with in the scene and by an official GM. No player-run-scenes should ever end up with the point that a PC is forced to accept death. And really, it's something that takes so much effort to get to that it likely won't even come up.

Oh Dreaded Death

 Tenebrous Isles is a consent-based site, for the most part. If you are in a scene run by an official GM, they will provide a disclaimer based on the outcome of death being a possibility within the course of their scene. While it will never be the aim of the GM to kill your character outright, we realize that sometimes these things happen in the course of the scene. If it does occur that a character dies as a result of an GM run scene, that player may choose to make a character immediately even if they were in a waiting period between PC creation.

 In the case of scenes ran by non-GM players and the possibility or likelihood of death within them, the player acting as an GM MUST GIVE A DISCLAIMER to all participants within their scene. If the disclaimer is not provably agreed to, via logged conversation that ends in some variation of 'I agree to Participate', then the death of a character within the scene will be rescinded. Keep in mind, with as difficult as this could be with the Fate system, this should not really be a problem that comes up.

What if someone wants to kill my PC?

 Sometimes one PC elects to kill another PC. In this case, usually there is something leading up to it in character. These events cannot truly be stopped, as they are something that will occur whether there seems to be immediate justification for them or not. However, no PC will ever be killed without a GM present in the room. PC's will not be killed by someone that is not within the same RP room as them, requiring attackers to be within range of other players in order for attacks/deaths to happen. Nor will a PC ever be killed when they're logged out. Naturally, if a PC logs out to simply avoid death, they will be informed that they are frozen up until the time they can log in and be present for the scene in which they die.

 Please note that if a PC is killed by another PC, they must wait a minimum of 2 weeks to make a new character to replace it. This will allow time for any tempers to cool and any initial discovery of a character's death to be brought to light and investigated. Concepts designed solely to avenge a character's death will not be permitted as they are unbalancing and antagonistic to enjoyable RP.