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Mortal Stunts List
Here you will find a list of the Mortal Stunts used at Tenebrous Isles along with a description of what they're used for.

Stunt Creation Rules

 A stunt is a special trait your character has that changes the way a skill works for you. Stunts indicate some special, privileged way a character uses a skill that is unique to whoever has that stunt. This is a pretty common trope in a lot of settings—special or elite training, exceptional talents, the mark of destiny, genetic alteration, innate coolness, and a myriad of other reasons all explain why some people get more out of their skills than others do. Unlike skills, which are about the sort of things anyone can do, stunts are about individual characters.

 The following guidelines are in place to help players come up with stunts that might be useful to them specifically. Along with these guidelines, we've provided 4 stunts per skill as examples of how Stunts can be created. Keep in mind, there are 4 (or rarely 5) game actions associated with each Skill. A simple list of which game action is actually usable by each skill is listed here:

  • Attack: Casting, Fight, Provoke, Shoot
  • Defend: Athletics, Casting, Contacts (in VERY specific cases), Deceive, Drive, Empathy, Fight, Notice (in specific cases), Physique, Rapport, Stealth, Will
  • Create An Advantage: All Skills can do this
  • Overcome: All Skills can do this
  • Special: Empathy, Performance, Physique, Scholarship, Will

 Stunts can do the following:

  • For a specified game action within a skill, add +1 to your roll as many times as that condition occurs.
  • For a specified game action within a skill, add +2 to your roll under very specific conditions as many times as that precise condition occurs.
  • Add an additional invoke on the aspect resulting from a successfully created advantage, up to the maximum of 2 free invocations.
  • For a specified game action within a skill, reduce the overcome difficulty rating by 2.
  • Expanding the scope of a skill in a specific way, provided the scope does not overlap with the scope of another existing skill.

 Professional Stunts:
 It's important to note that Professional Stunts are a way to demonstrate that someone has taken the time to learn something that applies to a very specific situation. There are things such as First Aid, Surfing, Psychiatric Care, and proper Fake Psychics that are very specific and part of certain skills, but are not the general ability of anyone with those skills. Just because someone has read many a book and has high scholarship, it doesn't mean they can provide first aid reliably. They need the training.

  • Professional level (tier 2) stunts exist, but the stunt they are building upon to become Professional level cannot impart a bonus, it simply removes the untrained penalty from the roll.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Athletics skill:
  • At Home In The Water: You're quite comfortable with movements in the water. Gain +1 to overcome actions while swimming.
  • Dazing Counter: You're quite adept at dodging away from enemies, floating like a butterfly and all that. Gain +2 to athletics when dodging away from an unarmed attacker. This bonus immediately negated if attacker is armed with any Weapon rating.
  • You Will Not Escape: Nobody gets away from you. Add +2 to your Athletics skill when using overcome actions to chase someone.
  • Sand Sprinter: Everybody knows deep sand is a pain in the butt to run through. Fortunately, your gait has adapted to it. +2 to Athletics rolls to overcome zone barriers in environments with deep, loose consistency.
  • Slippery as an Eel: All those years of playing Marco Polo and horseplay in the ocean with other kids paid off. +1 to athletics rolls when creating an advantage while in the water.
  • Slipping the Arcane: You might not have come by it easily, but you sure can spot a magical attack coming your way and know to move your ass. Add +1 to your Athletics skill when using it to dodge Casting Attacks.
  • Surfer: You've learned how to ride the waves in Hawaii and are comfortable out there in the water. You can definitely call yourself a surfer. Negates the -2 penalty for having no Surfing training.
  • Surf Master (Professional): Requires Surfer. Not only have you learned how to surf, you do it like a person paid for this professionally. Add +2 to your Athletics skill when making overcome actions while on your surf board.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Burglary skill:
  • Always a Way Out: You've always got your exits planned out. +2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re trying to escape from a location.
  • Arson: Gain a +2 to any Burglary roll used when creating an advantage in order to conceal a deliberate arson from investigators.
  • The Big Picture: When casing a target to create an advantage, you gain the ability to define an additional aspect about the target (such as Broken Window Latch) when you succeed on the roll, for a total of two aspects.
  • Sticky Fingers: Your fingers are almost impossible to keep off of things other people own. Add +1 to your burglary skill for overcome actions related to taking things owned by others.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Casting skill:
  • Casting has to do entirely with Rotes and Enchanted Items. In this game, each Rote requires a separate purchased 'stunt'. Each Enchanted Item requires a separate purchased 'stunt'. For instructions on how to create these rotes and enchanted items, please follow this link: Supernatural Stunts
  • Because each rote or enchanted item provides it's bonus/effect to a given situation, there are no additional stunts available for Casting.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Contacts skill:
  • Connected (Choose): This stunt reflects the network you create among fellows within an Organization. You receive a +2 to Contacts when overcoming an obstacle preventing knowledge gathering when networking within your specified organization. (Organization must be specified at time of purchase)
  • I Know Just the Guy: When you’re looking to gather some information from your network of contacts, you have unerring instincts for finding the right person, fast. When gathering information, you gain +1 to your Contacts roll.
  • Rumormonger: That's right, you can chat about people's dirty laundry like a champ. +2 to Contacts when creating an advantage as you plant vicious rumors about someone else.
  • Weird Informants: There are some very strange people willing to talk to you. Add +2 to your Contacts skill when overcoming an obstacle preventing knowledge when looking into "weird" cases.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Crafts skill:
  • Always Making Useful Things: You don’t ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools for a particular job using Crafts.
  • Better than New!: Whenever you succeed on an overcome action to repair a piece of machinery, you can immediately give it a new situation aspect (with a free invoke) reflecting the improvements you’ve made.
  • Carpenter: Wood is your bitch. Add +2 to your Crafts skill when performing carpentry related tasks.
  • EOD Specialist (Professional): Requires EOD Trained. Not only are you trained to handle un-exploded ordinance, you've dedicated a good bit of your life to it. Add +2 to your Crafts skill when using it to handle Overcome actions related to EOD situations.
  • EOD Trained: There have been some extensive classes on handling un-exploded ordinance in your past. Negates the -2 penalty for lack of training when handling bombs/explosives.
  • Mechanic: You know the ins and outs of vehicles like nobody’s business. Gain a +2 on Crafts to overcome actions when working on vehicles.
  • Food of the Gods: You're actually so good at making food, people might come from miles around just to smell it, cause DAMN that smells delicious. Gain +2 to your Crafts skill when Creating an Advantage that has to do with preparing food or putting together a meal.
  • Primitive Tech: You use nature like others use machine shops. Add +2 to your Crafts skill when performing tasks that involve creating things with un-manufactured and unrefined supplies.
  • Quite the Cook: It's obvious you've spent some serious time in the kitchen and your food is well worth the time it takes to enjoy a full meal. Add +1 to your Crafts skill when performing Overcome actions related to putting together or preparing food.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Deceive skill:
  • Feint: When it looks like you're going to go right, you go left. And vice versa. Add +1 to your Deceive skill when using it to create an advantage that has to do with confusion and misdirection in physical combat.
  • Liar Liar: Some might chant this at you, but they'd have to figure out that you're lying first. Going to be tough, though, because you're really, REALLY, good at it. Gain +1 to your Deceive skill when lying to others.
  • Make-Up Artist: Given enough time, you can create very convincing disguises, ones that will hold up to deeper inspection (although not to careful scrutiny and magic). Gain a +2 to your Deceive skill while making create advantage rolls when creating a disguise.
  • Fake Psychic: You're fully capable of making people believe you're a psychic. Likely people think you are already. Negates -2 penalty for being untrained in reading people's body language to perform 'psychic' acts.
  • Role of a Lifetime: You're fully immersed in your secret identity. So much so that the details of that identity come much easier to you, and anyone attempting to find out more about you. All attempts to uncover anything about your 'Real' or 'Original' identity have their difficulty increased by +2
  • Seance Spiritualist (Professional): Requires Fake Psychic. You've developed your Deceive abilities so much that the term 'Psychic' is written on your business cards. Even if it's not true. Add +2 to your Deceive skill when rolling for overcome situations while conducting a fake seance or Spiritualist related encounter.
  • Shades of True: You're quite good at helping the story stick to its good points and tucking away the sticky bits. Gain +1 to your Deceive skill when making overcome rolls based on the fact that you aren't precisely lying, but in fact only omitting key pieces of the truth, which changes the information being delivered almost entirely.
  • Sleight of Hand: What's this? It was up your sleeve all along! You gain a +1 on any attempts with Deceive to create advantages in the form of quick distractions.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Drive skill:
  • Hard to Shake: You're relentless when behind the wheel! +2 to Drive whenever you’re creating an advantage while pursuing another vehicle in a chase scene.
  • License to Fly: You've logged enough hours in the air that you have a pilot's license and can operate your chosen aircraft. Negates the -2 penalty for being untrained when attempting to fly an aircraft.
  • Like the Back of My Hand: Your knack for shortcuts gives you a +2 to Drive when using it to overcome obstacles for street knowledge and shortest-path navigation.
  • Pedal to the Metal: You like to drive... Like Mario Andretti. Speed is important to to you, at all times. Reduce the difficulty of overcome actions by 2 while behind the wheel and driving like a speedster.
  • Pilot (Professional): Requires License to Fly. Your focus is on aircraft, not cars. Gain +2 to your Drive skill when using it for overcome actions while piloting an aircraft.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Empathy skill:
  • Lie Whisperer: Never bullshit a bullshitter. +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at you or someone else.
  • Easy Listener: Not only are you a feeling kind of person, you listen to others in such a way they really do know you care. Negates the -2 penalty for being an untrained listener of troubles.
  • Pratfall Planner: You're especially good at watching someone and figuring out how best to prank them based on their emotional reactions. Gain +2 to Overcome actions with Empathy specifically while getting a 'read' off a target when planning or preparing a prank.
  • Psychologist (Professional): Requires Easy Listener. You've taken listening to the next level and can even do it professionally. Gain +2 to your Empathy rolls when using them to treat someone for the starting of recovery to their Mental Consequences. (Recovery begins by succeeding on an Empathy roll with a difficulty of Great (+4) for a Peril consequence or Fantastic (+6) for a Doomed consequence. You need to be able to talk with the person you’re treating for at least half an hour in order for them to receive the benefits of this stunt, and you can’t use it on yourself.)
  • Read the Surface: You can get a sense of someone quickly when trying to “read” them. While attempting to create an advantage based off of what you can read from someone's surface emotions, gain +2 to Empathy.
  • Won’t Get Fooled Again: It only takes once for someone to lie to you before you start to wise up to it. Once you’ve discovered a particular person’s lie for what it is, you gain a +2 on any future Empathy rolls designed to overcome when dealing with that liar for the rest of the session.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Fight skill (Fight Bonuses of the same type do NOT stack):
  • Felling the Forest: When fighting against a group of opponents with your preferred weapon they fall like chaff. Gain +1 to Fight Attack rolls when fighting against multiple opponents with your specified weapon (Weapon must be specified at time of purchase).
  • Float Like a Butterfly: You can dance around attackers like you weigh almost nothing. Gain +1 to Fight Defense rolls when you're unarmed. This bonus immediately negated if PC is armed with any Weapon rating.
  • Heavy Hitter: Meat and potatoes are your bread and butter. When fighting unarmed, add +2 to create an advantage that relies on that meaty fist of yours.
  • Hooligan: You're not stronger, or tougher, or better trained... You're simply MEANER in a scrap. Add +1 to your Fight skill when using it to create an advantage with dirty-fighting Maneuvers; sand in the eyes, a kick in the nuts, etc.
  • Kiss of the Dragon: You've trained your fingers to find the most painful places on your opponent with the greatest of ease, leaving a lasting impression. Gain a W:1 rating to your Fight Attack when dealing Unarmed blows to pressure points vs targets that have them (I.E. This does not work on Zombies). This bonus immediately negated if PC is armed with any Weapon rating.
  • Martial Artist: You recognize many different styles of fighting. When you create an advantage based on your targets form, you gain a +2 to your Fight roll.
  • Parrying: You're good enough at using a weapon to defend yourself from all comers. If you have an appropriate weapon in hand, gain +1 to defense rolls.
  • Sting Like a Bee: When you hit, they feel it. Oh yeah. Gain +1 to Fight Attack rolls when fighting unarmed. This bonus immediately negated if PC is armed with any Weapon rating.
  • Street Sweeper: Your mighty swings are capable of clearing vast swaths of land! Or at least putting a few foes off balance, though less useful against a single foe. Gain +2 to Fight rolls to Create an Advantage when fighting multiple opponents with your specified weapon (Weapon must be specified at time of purchase).


 The following are stunts available for use with the Lore skill:
  • Cultural Immersion: Choose a field of specialization, such as Hawaiian, Japanese, Eastern European or British Isles. You get a +2 to all overcome Lore rolls relating to that field of specialization.
  • Occultist (specify): You’re an expert on a particular arena of arcane lore. This must be limited, but it can still cover a fair number of things, such as Vampires or Demons. Gain a +1 to Lore when overcoming barriers while researching things covered by such a topic.
  • Prepped for Weird: You've seen enough to know that you've always got to be prepared for the strange that you might end up walking into when you cross to the NeverNever. You don't ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools to handle the peculiar environmental oddities in the NeverNever.
  • Shield of Reason: You can use your knowledge of Lore to your advantage. Gain +1 to your Lore skill when creating an advantage based on what you know about the subject at hand.
  • Spiritual Navigator: You've figured out the ebb and flow of strange in the NeverNever. Gain +2 to rolls to find ways into and through the Nevernever.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Notice skill:
  • A Regular Jacques Cousteau: You're the kind of person others want on whale watching trips with them. You've spent your life in and around the water, and you're an expert at spotting things at or below the surface. You're also good at noticing when something's in the water that shouldn't be. Gain +1 to Notice rolls when what you're noticing is in the water.
  • Danger Sense: You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Gain +2 to your Notice roll when overcoming any barriers that might put you in danger if you didn't notice them. This applies to mechanical traps and the like.
  • On My Toes: You're quick, especially quick really. Gain +2 to Notice for the purpose of initiative in physical confrontations.
  • Paranoid? Probably.: There's no such thing as just chilling out for you. Someone or something is out to get you. Gain +2 to Notice when rolling against surprise.
  • Quick Eye: When examining a location for clues, your eye is quick to pick out the visual details. The overcome difficulty for your Notice rolls to determine deeper details about a scene is 2 lower.
  • Nancy Drew: You really seem to like taking people by surprise with your witty insights and problem solving abilities. Gain +2 to your Notice skill when creating an advantage based on the little things you noticed that everyone else likely missed.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Performance skill:
  • Special Arts: Requires Artist. You've managed to make yourself quite the specialist when it comes to a very specific aspect of art. Gain +2 to your performance roll when creating an advantage that specifically matches your specialty.
  • Artist: You are an artist, obviously. Pick a genre and a medium. Add +1 to your Performance skill when using it to overcome an obstacle that falls into your area of expertise.
  • Building Upon The Mood: You know how to use the local ambience to maximum effect. Add +1 to your Performance skill when creating an advantage to boost a Performance roll.
  • Pointed Performance: When performing for an audience, normally you can only create advantages on the scene that are broad, focused on general moods (Creepy as Hell, Let’s Party!, Uninhibited). With this stunt, you may make performances that target something more specific, perhaps directing that mood at a particular person or group. For instance, a satirist with this stunt could attempt to use his performance either to elicit a response from one person in the audience (The Jig Is Up) or to cause the audience to direct their mood toward that person (Check Out the Emperor’s New Clothes).
  • Worth 1000 Words: Whether or not you can cook or fix a drink, you know how to make that food or drink look its very best. You can present a meal in such a way that even if it tasted like cardboard, anyone would want to have a picture of it on their Instagram feed. Gain +2 to your Performance skill when Overcoming and obstacle related specifically to food/drink presentation.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Physique skill:
  • Adamantium Liver: Your liver has done more than it's fair share to keep you alive. And it still does! Gain +2 to overcomes using physique to avoid the detrimental effects of drugs or alcohol.
  • Bend and Break: Things that have no blood pumping through their veins stand very little chance against you when you get going. When breaking objects, the difficulty for the overcome roll is reduced by 2.
  • Clever Wrestling: You aren't easy to hold down. Add +2 to your Physique skill when specifically attempting to overcome a grapple.
  • Grappler: You're quite good in a wrestle. +2 to Physique rolls made to create advantages on an enemy by wrestling or grappling with them.
  • Natural Diver: Years of diving without scuba gear has made your lungs that much stronger. Gain +2 to overcomes using Physique to hold your breath and avoid harmful effects of asphyxiation.
  • Olympic Proportions: You're fairly large, or at least pretty darn solid, add +1 to your Physique based overcome rolls where your size would prove an advantage.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Provoke skill:
  • Meanie Head: You're good at playing upon negative emotions. Add +2 to your Provoke skill when creating an advantage to induce negative emotions like guilt, sorrow, despair, or worthlessness.
  • Provoke Violence: When you create an advantage on an opponent using Provoke, you can use your free invocation to become the target of that character’s next relevant action, drawing the attention away from another target.
  • Rule with Fear: Taking this stunt establishes that your reputation is based on how scared people are of you, far more than anything else. Gain +1 to Provoke when rolling to create an advantage representing your scariness.
  • Shock and Awe: Sometimes you've just got it. And when you've got it, you use it. Add +1 to your Provoke skill when attacking someone verbally to degrade and debase them.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Rapport skill:
  • Best Foot Forward: You tend to make sure that when you arrive, you make the most excellent first impressions. Gain +2 to your Rapport rolls when creating an advantage when you first arrive to a new situation.
  • Cool As A Cucumber: Nasty people don't bother you at all. They probably don't even mean what they say anyway. All Rapport rolls to overcome social negatives for your PC have their difficulty lowered by 2.
  • Demagogue: Public speaking doesn't bother you in the slightest. Gain +2 to Rapport rolls when you’re creating an advantage while delivering an inspiring speech in front of a crowd.
  • Interviewer: You have been trained to ask effective questions, even to the people that might not want to answer them. Add +2 to your Rapport skill when creating an advantage during an interview session.
  • Teflon Persona: People speaking ill of you doesn't bug you, all those negative words will never stick because you're just that good. In fact, they seem to slide right off. When someone successfully places a negative social aspect on your PC, once you successfully overcome it, the social aspect is transferred to the person that originally bestowed it.
  • Turning An Ear: There's no way that Jury's not going to lean to your side. Gain +2 to your Rapport Skill when using it to create an advantage within the courtroom, which makes your side of a statement or argument seem like the better choice.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Resources skill:
  • Criminal Lawyer: Sometimes you just need a lawyer that has their fingers in more crime pies than you. Gain +2 to overcomes using resources to get the most immoral lawyer on the planet.
  • Filthy Lucre: If it involves using money and other gifts in illegal or corrupt ways - bribery, mainly—you have a talent for making it work. Your dirty money travels farther, made friction-less by the greasy stain of it all. The difficulty for your rolls for overcoming obstacles related to illicit purposes are reduced by 2.
  • Lush Lifestyle: You live like Royalty, or at least other people think you do. Gain +1 to your Resources roll whenever using resources to create an advantage if attempting to impress someone with your cash flow.
  • Steady Profit: You've made some fantastic choices when it comes to money and investment. Gain a +2 to your Resources when overcoming obstacles that require you to pay large sums of money up front, such as buying property, a large purchase item, or making new investments to indicate the stocks you can dip into.
  • Trust Fund Baby: You've got money that comes in, and even if it's just monthly, that money lets you pick up a few things you might not get otherwise. Gain +1 to Resources based overcome rolls when you just need to get it, and can't imagine living without it.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Scholarship skill:
  • Bachelor's Studies (Choose): You've been taking classes or doing a ton of studies on your own time to get vaguely well learned on a fairly broad subject. Choose a broad field of study such as Biology, Zoology, Herbology, Mythology. You get a +1 to all Scholarship rolls attempting an overcome action relating to that field of study.
  • Doctor (Professional): Requires Med Tech. You have a medical degree or the equivalent of such an education. You have the official title of Doctor. You may use your Scholarship skill to declare appropriate justification for the recovery of moderate physical consequences when outside a medical facility, and for the recovery of severe physical consequences within a medical facility. Attempts to help someone overcome these physical consequences are made at a +2 to your Scholarship skill. (Recovery begins by succeeding on the Scholarship roll with a difficulty of Great (+4) for a Peril consequence or Fantastic (+6) for a Doomed consequence..)
  • Forgery Expert: You are trained to distinguish forged documents from real ones. Gain +2 to your Scholarship roll when attempting an overcome action to spot forgeries or falsified documentation.
  • Linguist: You may speak (and read) an additional language. You may take this stunt multiple times, adding 1 more language each time. The languages you speak may be obscure, rare, or dead, provided you can establish an opportunity to study them.
  • Master's Studies (Choose): Requires Bachelor's Studies. Choose a field of Master's level specialization, such as Crypto-Zoology, Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, European Herbology, Bio-Chemistry. You get a +2 to all Scholarship rolls attempting an overcome action relating to that field of specialization.
  • Medical Examiner: The dead man tells no tale, unless he's on your table. Use your Scholarship skill at +1 for overcome rolls while examining a Corpse.
  • Med Tech: You've been educated enough to understand the functions of human biology and how it interacts with the world and injuries. It's likely you're entirely comfortable being a First Responder on the site of an accident, and you've had your CPR certification for a while now. Negates the -2 penalty for being untrained in first aid. You can perform first aid when necessary.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Shoot skill:
  • Crack Shot: You've used guns/bows/slingshots/other projectile weapons for a good long time and you know how they work, how to fire them, and have developed excellent aim. Gain +1 to Shoot-based attacks when your target has no cover.
  • Fast Reload: Provided that you have a supply of ammunition, reloads are rarely an issue. You have a +2 to overcome actions whenever your weapon is compelled to be out of ammo or jammed.
  • Gun Nut: Guns. Man, you know everything about them. You’ve seen them all, even the ones that nobody knows about. When rolling Shoot as a knowledge-based overcome, gain +2 on the roll.
  • Pin Them Down: When taking a full round to Aim, gain +2 to your Shoot skill to create an advantage related to your Aim.
  • Pocket Sand!: It just so happens you have something you can throw at someone that can cause inflammation, irritation, pain, what have you when it hits them, creating a valuable distraction. (See: Metsubushi). Gain +1 to your Shoot skill when using it to Create an Advantage against your opponent due to a thrown source of irritation/inflammation.
  • Target-Rich Environment: Sometimes there are just so many people/things to shoot at, it's almost impossible to not find a target. While firing upon at least 3 targets at once (making a spray attack), gain a +2 to Shoot-based attack actions.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Stealth skill:
  • Among The Seaweed: You are a master of submersible subterfuge. Add +2 to your Stealth-based rolls to create an advantage as long as you are at least partially underwater.
  • Face in the Crowd: A crowd of people is the perfect cover. Gain +2 to any Stealth overcome roll to blend into a crowd of people.
  • Ninja Vanish: Once per scene and at the cost of a fate point, you can vanish while in plain sight, using a smoke pellet or other mysterious technique. This places the Vanished situation aspect on you. While you’re vanished, no one can attack or create an advantage on you until after they’ve succeeded at an overcome roll to find you. This aspect goes away as soon as you invoke it, or someone makes that overcome roll. To determine the Overcome required, roll the Stealth skill when you vanish, and anyone attempting to find you must do so with a Notice overcome action.
  • Slippery Target: Provided you’re in darkness or shadow, you can use Stealth to defend against Shoot attacks from enemies that are at least 1 zone away.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Survival skill:
  • Animal Handler (Specify): Roll Survival at +1 when using it for Animal Handling or, where relevant, Riding when attempting to overcome an obstacle with or while on the chosen animal.
  • Go Native/City Rat: (choose NeverNever, Rural, or Urban) You’re able to survive nearly indefinitely in your chosen location, living off the land. Survival based overcomes are made at +1 while they apply to your specific area.
  • Naked and Unafraid: You don't ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools for a particular job using Survival.
  • Navigator: (choose Rural or Urban) Gain +2 to rolls when attempting to create an advantage for the use of navigating around your chosen location.
  • Superior Tracking: You could track a bacterium across ten parsecs of glass in a rainstorm with your eyes closed. Add +2 to your Survival skill when overcoming an obstacle while tracking.
  • Survivalist: Choose a field of specialization, such as topography, fauna, or flora. You get a +2 to all Survival rolls attempting to create an advantage when dealing with that survival specialization.
  • Vine Swinger: You're able to survive and understand the Hawaiian Rain Forest on an integral level. Survival based overcomes are made at +2 while they apply to the Hawaiian Rain Forest.
  • Wild Instincts: You have a knack for understanding the motivations and actions of animals. Gain +1 to your Survival rolls when attempting to understand a wild animal's behavior.


 The following are stunts available for use with the Will skill:
  • Calm Blue Ocean: You are skilled at keeping your emotions in check. Gain +2 to Will when making overcome actions to keep emotions under control.
  • Hard Boiled: You can choose to come off as a hard core wall of impasse when it comes to your emotions. Gain +1 when creating an advantage aspect onto yourself that employs the use of seeming emotionally unmoved.
  • Indomitable: Through sheer will alone you have managed to become seemingly fearless. Gain +2 to Will based defense against Provoke attacks related to intimidation and fear.
  • Sanguine Heart: No one can break your stride, because you're happy right now! Gain +2 to Will based defense against Deceive attacks related to Despair.
  • Unfaltering Appetence: No one can make you want them if you don't already want them. Gain +2 to Will based defense against Deceive attacks related to Lust.
  • You Do Not Want To See My Soul: Your soul has a truly profound effect on those who see it. Add +1 to your Will Attack rolls while in a Soulgaze.
  • Your Soul Doesn't Faze Me: You've grown accustomed to looking into the dark recesses of other people's minds. Add +1 to your Will Defense rolls while in a Soulgaze.