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Vicious Valkyrie Vixen


Vernal Violative Virtuoso


Vivid Vicarious Volumes
Vibrant Volitional Volant
Voiced Voltarean Visionary

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Hjertet Flirter


Conni: Shared with me her mead, and gave good advice. A fellow Valkyrie and North-woman! How wonderful!
Shawn: The man who taught me to surf, and he taught well. A favorite of mine, to be sure.


Bjorn: A large, bear of a North-man. A gentleman with good humor, and reminds me much of home!
Heath: Interesting, sexy and seems to make all the choices that should have had him dead by now. Forward. Tough, though, quite tough.
Isaac: Flirty and cute, has a good sense of humor, though I wish I understood English jokes better sometimes so I'd get more of them.
Max: Colorful and intriguing. She seems to have a need to keep herself busy. I wonder what it keeps her from getting up to.
Noah: Definitely someone that served time in the military, has an easy smile. Quick about regulating himself to new information. Very helpful.


Amalesh: A doctor willing to help immediately, despite the fact that the conditions were not at all the optimal.
Aoife: Pale and pretty, seems to be enjoying Oahu. Started at one Island and has arrived on another.
Aurelie: Lovely and lively. She seems to be quite a kindred spirit, in some ways. Perhaps the ways that matter?
Carver: A good friend that's come a long way since he arrived on Oahu. It's good to see him less grumpy and more friendly.
Chloe: Poor girl, lost on the island, looking for a place none of us could help her find!
Corrine: Spritely, and has some good knowledge about how to save lives. Good to know one of our new Valkyries!
Enola: Smells sweet because of what she smokes, interesting accent and behavior. Nice hat, too.
Felix: A kind young man with hidden talents and a fierce sense of right and wrong.
Grayson: A delicious fellow with a suave way about him. What will he do if I splash more than just his feet?
Iara: Shy, seems quite nice. Very much about helping others in medical need, which is good. People need saving.
Iolana: Not a morning person, and she seems to be fairly invested in Joachim's well being.
James: Attractive fellow, seems very serious. Packs quite a punch with that magical way of his.
Jane: Ebony goddess of many delights, a woman to have around any and all of the times!
Joachim: Sweet, with much in the way of silly jokes. I think he's a kind boy and a fellow lover of the Science Fiction!
Ksenija: Enjoys getting out of the crowds of middling minded to enjoy a walk on the beach late at night. Seems nice enough, very outgoing.
Kirsi: A sister that makes me laugh and doesn't mind a good rout in an alley, or a scrapyard.
Lei: Talented tracker with a very interesting hidden nature. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing can hide from her.
Lola: An odd girl, she seems... off. I'm not sure how to describe her other than strange. Colorful hair. Hippie free love?
Molly: A nice girl that enjoys the sights, sounds, and heat of Oahu. She's lucky enough to be really enjoying herself.
Muriel: A little chilly. She gives Carver work, which is good, but doesn't seem too interested in being friendly.
Nacho: Adorable and funny, Someone worth spending large amounts of time with.
Nick: Poor guy had a rough night at the beach. Seems able to handle himself, and probably saner than me for leaving.
Peter: Sweet, a bit of an explorer as well. Not thrilled with Oahu yet, but maybe he's just not ready to be thrilled?
Rick: Great surfer with more going on below the surface than one might guess. A good guy, with some new pressures on him.
Tabby: This woman is fiercely capable and dangerous to those not on her side. Interesting way of deciding who's on which side, though.
Xanthe: Quick to observe and be of help, definitely not squeamish when it comes to the odder things in life.

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Played By: Jenna Webb

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Name: Sylvi Erika Grimsdottir
Apparent Age: 27
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Norway
Temperament: Wild, Outrageous, Energetic, Vibrant
Mantle: Valkyrie
Status: Enjoying as much of Oahu as she possibly can while she's here
Occupation: Monoc sent her to Hawaii, say WHAT? Hell yeah.
Languages: English, Norwegian
Theme Song: Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore
Paralyzer - Finger Eleven
Active Alts: Loa, Eve (White Courtier), Grace (Jade Courtier), Lili (Emissary of Power), Mila (Scion), Nala (Werecreature), Nia (Red Court Infectee), Owen (Magical Practitioner), Uma (Focused Practitioner), Wren (Changeling)
Inactive Alts:

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RP Hooks
Lover of the Wild?: Let's take a walk on the wild side together! It might be seriously fun... or hey, we might end up in the hospital.
Wing and a Prayer: Nope, not an angel. But we can try to fly to heaven together if you want to?
Down for Adventure?: Let's go have some fun, because it sounds like the best plan ever. Leave the map behind!
Bows are a girl's best friend!: Want to go hunting together, or maybe just fire some bolts downrange? Sylvi's your girl!

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