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Explosive Emissary of Kapohoikahiola


Recipe for Disaster


Social Firefly
Worthy of the Gods
The Flame Dances

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Noah: I think he likes it when I keep him on his toes. I like it when he keeps me on mine.


Aidan: Wonderful, giving, selfless and kind. Also, a total surprise in all the good ways. Hot too, wow hot.
Bjorn: Totally the best diving platform EVER. Big guy with a big heart. Willing to teach others how to be artists, that's awesome.
Isaac: Funny guy, awesome ears. Daddy to an entire boatload of pixies. Has his challenges, but likes the flame, or at least the heat of it.


Akhlut: Big dude but totally chill like the Hawaiian brahs are to be. Protective of people, this is awesome.
Casia: Cool chick from England, she enjoys the beautiful fireworks and a nice night out without too much bother.
Conni: Worldly and totally comfortable in her own skin, I bet that walnut is in for a grim fate!
Healani: Gave us all we needed to know, glad she knew it, glad her kapuawahine taught her all of those good stories. Also, she is MAD at the gods.

Snuffed Out

Aolani: I get to work with this awesome babe of a person at least a few days a week. Hoot Hoot for me, baby!
Anastasia: She seems super nice! New to the island and she likes the pretty lights of the fireworks.
Ayi: She sings, drinks, beats monsters, and has an awesome tail. Very cool!
Enola: Seems very close to Lei and definitely has her own style. Neat tattoos, too.
Felix: Super eager for adventure in the weird, but also willing to help when weird becomes dangerous. Also, becomes a monster.
Finn: Awesome guy, totally didn't let me bleed when I didn't have to. And didn't run away when things got seriously worrisome.
Grayson: Fun, calls himself a bastard but he's enjoyable to be around none the less. Great sense of humor.
Iara: Seems shy and sweet, likes to dance but not when other girls watch.
James: Serious, usually. Unless we're roaming through a super creepy mini mansion avoiding death.
Jane: Beautiful kama'aina, enjoys watching fire dancing!
Joachim: Good guy with a good heart. Loves fire and the sky, and all the things in it. Always happy to see him.
Kai: Seems like a nice dude, though he seems like he might like to pick fights when he doesn't really like someone.
Kirk: I have a feeling that not much has gone his way for a while. He doesn't like parties, and he helps out when things go sideways.
Kirsi: Super cute, baddass, redhead! And a surfer at that. Not nearly enough of those around.
Lei: Local wahine that works for a guide service. Definitely knows the woods, also, very no-nonsense way about her.
Lio: Big, gruff guy with a cold streak, but he's got some good humor and isn't a total dick.
Lola: I mostly know her as an authoritative, booming voice from the sky. Peter's mostly kinda girlfriend?
Molly: Takes advantage of the Hawaiian environment to stroll without a cover up. Likes photography, doesn't like jerks.
Nick: Cute, a little playful, sexy haole. Helped me out of a tight spot and really, really, likes fireworks.
Peter: Wild haired dude. Seems alright, saved his girlfriend's doll. Likes to try to be the leader.
Rick: Cool brah, real mellow. He's also got some serious Hero points going on, and doesn't leave people to be swallowed by tsunamis alone.
Robin: Looks super young, but has a good head on his shoulders and tries to help when and where he can.
Volya: Sweet hippy chick that's gonna probably be an awesome mom! She likes playing in the ocean like a proper island girl.
Yohko: Seems sweet, and dedicated to her work. Likes the flames of sunset on the valley, which means she's got good taste.

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RP Hooks
Need Something Lit Up?! Lili can do that, it's what she does. And she loves it.
Willing and Able: Lili's always down to have some fun, especially if it's gonna get a little nuts.
Cheerfully Optimistic: For some reason, this girl sees the bright side of everything. Don't come around if you don't want a little sunshine.
Fire Dancing is AWESOME!: Come on by and watch her, she'll give a good show and likely get you a free drink or appetizer at Paradise Cove!

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Played By: Lacey Nelson
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Name: Lilinoe 'Lili' Makana Kahale
Apparent Age: 21, maybe
Age: 29 (Yes, them's good Hawaiian Genes)
Place of Birth: Oahu, Hawaii
Temperament: Cheerful, Outgoing, Bouncy, Eager, Destructive
Mantle: Emissary of Power
Patron: Kapohoikahiola, the Spirit of Explosions
Status: Born and raised Hawaiian.
Occupation: Special Effects - Pyrotechnics Specialist
Part time Fire-Dancer at Paradise Cove
Languages: English, Hawaiian
Theme Song: Arsonist's Lullaby - Hozier
Burn - Mad At Gravity
Pardon Me - Incubus
Until We Go Down - Ruelle
Active Alts: Loa, Eve (White Courtier), Grace (Jade Courtier), Mila (Scion), Nala (Werecreature), Nia (Red Court Infectee), Owen (Magical Practitioner), Sylvi (Valkyrie), Uma (Focused Practitioner), Wren (Changeling)
Inactive Alts:

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