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Magic Wielding Outdoor Adventurer


Water, Water, Everywhere...


From the Beige Canvas
A Wizard By Another Name
The Whole, Beautiful, World

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Max: An amazing use of a glorious canvas. Striking is an understatement, and she's all about statements. Suffering more than I would like.


Ink: Along with all that amazing color he's got etched into his skin is a strange set of morals I'm not quite versed in.


Aidan: Seems to show up just when you might need him. Led by something I haven't quite got. Seems very reasonable.
Bjorn: A tall fellow that seems to have had his share of globe trotting. Worldly enough to smell trouble.
Casia: Nice lady who gave a nicer gift to a stranger. Thanks lady!
Conni: A self-assured woman with the willingness to accept help, even awkward help.
Isaac: A nice guy that runs a sporting goods store. Always, always shop local!


Out of Sight

Casey: Tall and beautiful, on the side of the nuns, and totally OK with it.
Felix: Good kid with a ton of energy to put out there. Seems like he enjoys the freedoms that come with Oahu.
Finn: Guy's got a serious ability to see past the more dangerous and find the allure underneath. Literally.
Fiona: A fellow coffee lover, easy on the eyes, seems nice. Another public servant (of a sort).
Grayson: Helpful, a man with quite a set of knowledge. Also, impressive how he doesn't self combust in black.
Iolana: Not sure, really. She seems a bit out of it.
Iara: Seems like a nice kid, definitely has a puppy thing going on with that Peter guy.
Joachim: Friendly, nice guy. Very talkative. Seems like he tries to be everyone's friend, and interested in everything.
Kai: He seems extremely helpful, and like a kind fellow. Also strikes me as someone that knows his monster manuals.
Kirsi: Sweet, newish to Hawaii too. Gave me the shirt off her back to help a little bird. Very pretty and confident.
Peter: Likes the outdoors, brings along the kitchen sink. Likes having an Iara puppy to follow him.
Rick: Nice guy, apparently a surfing coach, so yeah. Might never even see him again.
Tabby: Tough woman, ex-cop, very fierce. And definitely likes to be forward about her motivations.
Volya: Introduced me to a completely new instrument. Total hippy chick vibe, but hey, nothing wrong with that!

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RP Hooks
Adventures in the Wild!: Want to come exploring the wilds of Oahu? Owen's your Guide!
Lover of the Mountains: Let's go for a hike, maybe even a hang glide!
Less Beach, More Bunnies: Searching for fun to spot wildlife is just as fun as it sounds! Come on!

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Played By: Thomas Beaudoin
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Name: Owen Christopher Laughlin McGregor
Apparent Age: 27
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska
Temperament: Enthusiastic, Energetic, Awestruck, Cheerful
Mantle: Magic User
Magic User Type: Magical Practitioner (Wizard of the White Council)
Status: Madly in love with Oahu
Occupation: Outdoor Adventure Leader
Languages: English, Latin
Theme Song: Daydream Believer - The Monkees
Feeling Good - Nina Simone
Leave a Light On - Tom Walker
The Impression That I Get - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Alts: Loa, Eve (White Courtier), Grace (Jade Courtier), Lili (Emissary of Power), Mila (Scion), Nala (Werecreature), Nia (Red Court Infectee), Sylvi (Valkyrie), Uma (Focused Practitioner), Wren (Changeling)

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