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The Girl that Walks through Filth


In the Coils of the Dragon


Forever Time
This Aint No Picnic
Holiday In The Sun

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Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Owen: He really is a good guy that doesn't deserve to be fucked up by me, and I know I'm fucking him up. Sorry future girlfriend or wife.


Isaac & Casia: Girl is sorting out her shit, swampy conditions included. And confused.
Fred: So fang babies can have normal relationships, or am I just looking at another addict?
Healani: The Pig MD. Apparently, she's seen the other side of the mirror, but doesn't know the politics. Fuck those politics anyway.
Ink: Fucking stoner hung like a horse. It's not hard to realize the ones that want to slip back into their self-destructive ways.
Nia: Addiction is something you just know when you see it in others. She has the missing pieces and the cracks.

The Offspring

Bjorn: Tosses chicks with the greatest of ease, or packs them conveniently on a shoulder, which there is room for two...
Grace: So was there a meeting where they voted on black eyes? I think we should have gone another way.
Grayson: Narc maybe? Or just a creep that enjoys burning in sun.
Kai: Fuck you and your Tao. Maybe a P.I., but definitely a narc.
Sylvi: Have you ever seen a pair of thighs you want die between? Corporate, but seems to love life.
Uma: A testament to why I'm bi.

Fallout Boy

Aurelie: Val tits on a unicorn.
Casey: I'm expecting a bible beating.
Felix: That was a lot of reaching, yet he never found my ass or tit. Oh, and a dragon.
Lei: Chill?
Molly: Dragon rider.

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Played By: Felisya Piana

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Name: Maxine 'Max' Roslyn Wayward
Apparent Age: 23
Age: 59 due to temporal phases in Nevernever
Place of Birth: New Jersey, USA
Mantle: Red Court Infectee
Bloodline: Tlazolli
Status: Wandering in and out
Occupation: Thief
Languages: English,
Theme Song: Tonight She's Gone - Penpals
Oblivion - Gunn, Masoyoshi Soken & THE PRIMALS
Vampires - Strung Out
The World’s a Mess; It’s in My Kiss - X
Active Alts: Lo'ihi, Akhlut (Werecreature), Heath (Pure Mortal), Noah (Scion), Tabby (Emissary), Volya (Changeling)
Inactive Alts:

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RP Hooks

Flip Side: Max explores and travels the Nevernever like few mortals.
Punk Life Style: Anti-establishment includes not paying taxes, or for the place she's staying in.
Show Stopper: The woman has made it to a ton of concerts and music festivals around the world, maybe you're seen her.
Places Left Forgotten: Max is known for being in places and around people that sane people consider questionable.
Twice Cursed: Max is a red court infectee of the Tlazolli bloodline... She's in a place.

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