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Paranoid Forest-Nymph Gunstore Owner


Fatal Attraction


Elf and Safety
Happiness is a nuclear bunker

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Wren: Quite possibly saved my life, must buy card.
Volya: Seems to know more about who I am than I do. Still think Cocoa would have been fine!
Max: Punk wanderer of the Never Never. In a similar boat to me, at least with regard to lust control issues. Total bitch when she wants to be, then compassionate on the flip side? Confusing but fun.
Mila: Blue....terribly distracting. Very helpful... when the laughing stops.
Keha: Delicious and slinky.
Tabby: Spanish ex-cop. Sense of smell makes sense now. Incredibly tough, can stare down the Cu Sith. Don't quite know if I'll be able to look her in the eye again just yet.
Healani: M.E Exorcist? Good friend though, many an hour spent chatting in the sun.
Peyt: Ah, so that's how it feels. Curious.

Under Observation

Aksel: Apparently reliable
Akhlut: Barbarian, possibly born in wrong century. Nala's mate, what's with the whistling?
Angela: Knows what to do in a crisis
Bjorn: Big guy, seems nice so far.
Dog: Glowing eyes and people think he's cute...what the hell!
Ember: Surfer
Eve: Upper-class slinky
Finn: Not excitable and helped out a brother in need.
Fiona Runs a bar, keeps her head about her.
Grace: Full of surprises and hidden talents. Still waiting on the shinobi.
Grayson: Slight misunderstanding, it'll wash out.
Heath: Habitual Party Goer
Iolana: Don't know if I've seen her sober.
Joachim: Bubbly island greeter. Can fight.
Juniper: Mentally scarred?
Keegan: Colourful
Kilia: Hangs out with Leif
Kirk: Academic?
Kirsi: Friendly sort
Leif: Ex-Cop
Lili: World class Fire Dancer, seriously hot. Champion of Fire? Woah
Lio: Seems friendly, they grow them big where he's from. Not a hugger?
Lola: Mentally ill, possibly dangerous.
Muriel: One of Winter's. Fibbs a lot, keep an eye out for the singing!
Nia: Spanish? Very angry. Teeth!
Nala: Cheerful native, Akhlut's mate. Also with the whistling? A code perhaps?
Noah: New customer, likes the 1911. Can't be all bad.
Owen: Possibly related to Lara Croft. Magic User, knowledgeable. Mage? Nice guy though.
Peter: Lola's boyfriend, painfully oblivious...or intentionally.
Rick: Seemed quite tense...
Robin: Fruity butler?
Sylvi: Gods bless the Nordic countries.
Uma: She could give a dog a bone! Legs that go on forever, also an illusionist.

Out of the Question

Carver - Not worth the time

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Played By: Alejandro Corzo Suarez

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Name: Isaac Baker
Apparent Age: 32
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Kielder Forest, UK
Temperament: Coming Soon
Mantle: Changeling
Changeling Type: Nymphus
Faerie Court: Summer (Seelie)
Status: On Oahu to enjoy American life.
Occupation: Gun Store owner
Languages: English, Canadian, Australian and American.
Theme Song: Coming Soon
Alts: Kilauea, Conni (Valkyrie), Damien (White Courtier), Ink (Scion)

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RP Hooks
On the Range: Nothing like blowing an afternoon sending slugs downrange, right?
Guns, guns, guns.: If you're looking for something that fires a nice round, come on by the shop.
Helpful Lad: Always willing to get involved with the 'pest' control needed around Oahu.

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