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Lethal Weapon of the Jade Court


Paranoia and Propaganda


A Life Less Ordinary
Living In A World Without You
Unacceptable Losses

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Bjorn: Physically imposing with a gentle demeanor. A kind, caring man without the cruelty so many show so openly.
Conni: A woman willing to fight, but also willing to learn how to avoid them when she can.


Aidan: Eager and willing to learn, wants to keep his skin his own as a PI. That's a positive venture.


Emrys: A curious man that almost seems to be rediscovering the world. Or perhaps, he's just finally getting a chance to see it.
Heath: The knife of his tongue cuts deeper than most blades. He revels in it, and in knowing he can use it against anyone deemed an enemy.
Ink: Tall, covered in tattoos, and has the knowledge of years. Also seems quite close with Aurelie.
Isaac: More than just a survivalist, he's a fighter to his core, and uses the heat of Summer to destroy his enemies.
Max: Creative and decidedly unwilling to accept an answer at face value. Also, virulent mouth.
Noah: A sense of humor that seems very mired in knowledge, and for that it's quite entertaining. Has much knowledge that comes from hardship and training.
Shawn: A bit on the goofy side, very much a surfer, seems nice.
Tabby: A very rough and tumble kind of woman, gets into the fray. Has quite a mouth.


Amalesh: A doctor for women and children dedicated to helping them through some of the largest hurdles. Kind man, works often.
Aurelie: Lissome, with a hunger that burns from her eyes. Talented at talking it away.
Casey: Full of energy and interested in being stronger in the face of adversity.
Enola: An interesting fashion sense with her, but she owns it well. Speaks French, likes her rum.
Felix: Youthful man, talented in the ways of becoming that which he isn't. Also, fierce with a scorpion tail.
Fiona: Not sure that she needs training so much as she's likely looking for a partner to really train with.
Grayson: British, seems to go out of his way to ensure it's known he's a cad. Pretty mellow otherwise.
Haruka: Seems to be a trickster of some sort, nicely done with the false images.
Iara: Fragile, has healthy fears in perhaps too large a portion, but a sensitive heart and ears.
Iolana: Crass and a drinker. Friend of Joachim's, possibly, or at least knows him.
Joachim: Silly, with a love for absurd word play. Still, kind and personable.
Kai: Still seems like he might be a little overeager, but he has his heart in a good place. Young, and thoughtful.
Kirk: Older gentleman interested in learning and a lover of the written word.
Lei: A fierce woman that seems to have the spirit of a hunter. Also, she doesn't seem to like the really weird stuff that tends to happen so often on Oahu.
Lola: Violent and vicious to those she believes she can play with.
Logan: Gruff, but there's definitely something humorous about it all. Likeable, however unwillingly.
Molly: A girl that likes to press forward, perhaps more out of curiosity than a sense of protectiveness.
Noemi: Smart, she really sees things. She also has a soft core that leads her to want to help people, no matter who they are.
Peter: A young man looking for some knowledge of how to protect himself, seems kind enough.
Rick: A kind nature with the curiosity and wonder befitting a man half his age.
Robin: Cheeky monkey. Seems young, and smiles often.
Volya: Able to dance like a dream, but she also carries the firepower of the sun without shame.
Yohko: Helpful in that she shared what she knew, also very adept with fire.

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RP Hooks
Defend Thyself: Grace teaches self defense to anyone that needs to know how to defend themselves. Call for a class.
Cautious by Nature: Grace is watchful and will pay close attention to her environment, want to be noticed?
History is stranger than fiction: Grace loves the insanity of how history has actually gone down vs how it's been recorded, and she loves hearing more stories.

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Played By: Anelia Moor
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Name: Daiyu 'Grace' Hua Lam
Apparent Age: 27
Age: She stopped counting at 30, and that was over 120 years ago.
Place of Birth: Yang Tze, China
Temperament: Cautious, Closed Lipped, Confident, Calm, Relaxed
Mantle: Jade Court Vampire
Status: Living on Oahu for a little bit now.
Occupation: Proprietor of Lams and Lions Defense Academy
Self Defense Instructor
Languages: English, Mandarin
Theme Song: Closing In - Ruelle
Dissolved Girl - Massive Attack
Active Alts: Loa, Eve (White Courtier), Lili (Emissary of Power), Mila (Scion), Nala (Werecreature), Nia (Red Court Infectee), Owen (Magical Practitioner), Sylvi (Valkyrie), Uma (Focused Practitioner), Wren (Changeling)
Inactive Alts:

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