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Magically Tricksy Illusionist


I Didn't Hear A Fat Lady Sing...


Bright Lights, Big City
Magical Mystery Tour
AKA: Uma the Great!

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Backstage Pass

Box Seats

Front Row

Carver: Interesting ex-soldier boy. Battle wounded, but his one eye works just fine.
Healani: Awesomely foul mouthed and I watched her beat a snake half to death with her cane. Baddass little Hawaiian bitch, she is.
Ink: Cool guy with a good head on his shoulders, also makes custom costumes for a living. Might have to spend some coin his way.
Isaac: Interesting dude. He likes the woods, and seems to like the idea of a magic show. Also, enjoys the sight of a woman.
Max: Colorful skin, colorful language. Neat chick that's got a ton on her shoulders.

Full Cover

Lu: Ok, super hot, has that immediate 'you wanna go?' vibe, but also there's just something not right. Bad boys go to him for lessons, maybe?
Mindy: I haven't felt like the ugly step sister for a REALLY long time. Strange, so hot, but seems broken.

Stand By

Anastasia: New to the island, but she really seems like she's looking forward to experiencing all the fun!
Aurelie: Interesting woman, definitely seems to have the sex kitten thing down, and enjoys the finer, better things in life.
Ayi: Seems to enjoy the thrill of the odd. Definitely one to put herself into whatever business she finds interesting at the moment.
Bjorn: This guy's saved my butt a couple of times now. Always nice, always polite, always fully capable of making sure bad things don't get worse.
Felix: Cute fellow, likes magic, and is friendly. Doesn't seem too shy, either. El Gato Furtivo!
Haruka: Talented with illusions, too. So that's cool. Also, spunky.
James: Has a quick sense of 'I got this' followed by a quick sense of 'I'm out', and definitely has the resting bitch face down.
Joachim: Guy seems to know a good lot about a good lot, and seems to like getting into the weird shit.
Kai: A great guy with a good head on his shoulders and a kind heart.
Kane: He's got the aloof, sardonic, stranger thing down. But he appreciates a good magic trick, so still a guy worth having in the crowd.
Keegan: Fast to stand up for a really, really, hot stranger's honor, so at least he's got some sort of moral compass?
Lio: If someone's gonna be around to watch your ass, might as well have it be someone that looks like they'd pull a nose off for the same thing in others.
Molly: English chick that likes her alcohol but hasn't quite gotten the spirit of Freedom Tuesdays down yet. Maybe soon!
Rex: Well, he seemed like a nice enough talking dog. And he didn't end up fighting with Tabby, so that's good. At least I think that's good?
Rick: Seems like a real mellow guy, but also seems to know most everyone. Probably the dude everyone likes to be around when they're hash faced.
Tabby: Tough, totally capable of handling herself and others. Well worth getting to know, if you can get her to let you.

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RP Hooks
Love a Good Trick?: Chances are great you can see Uma performing at random times, or catch one of her stage shows!
Out and About!: This girl never seems to be in one place for too long, there's too much to do!
Eye Catching: There's not much about Uma that's about blending in, she likes sticking out, and does it pretty much all the time.

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Played By: Sarah McDaniel

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Name: Umbria 'Uma' Marie Achan
Apparent Age: 22
Age: 22
Place of Birth: Providence, Rhode Island
Temperament: Playful, Suggestive, Driven, Showman, Enthusiastic
Mantle: Magic User
Magic User Type: Focused Practitioner
Status: Working the stage at the Turtle Bay Resort
Occupation: Illusionist, stage magician, street magician
Languages: English, Spanish
Theme Song: 22 - Taylor Swift
Black Magic Woman - Santana
Handlebars - Flobots
Look Like You Know - Royal Blood
Magic - Coldplay
Smooth - Santana
Wake Me Up - Avicci
Active Alts: Loa, Eve (White Courtier), Grace (Jade Courtier), Lili (Emissary of Power), Mila (Scion), Nala (Werecreature), Nia (Red Court Infectee), Owen (Magical Practitioner), Sylvi (Valkyrie), Wren (Changeling)
Inactive Alts:

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