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Skavis Vampiric Realtor


I Can't Get No... Satisfaction


Money Can Buy Almost Anything
Friends in All the Places
Do Well to Do Evil

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Damien: θesan lauχum. My dear, dear, boy. Sometimes the brightness of shades of gray can be more horrifying than technicolor.
Heath: Mlaka lauχum. A regular reminder of why I find so much to stay fascinated with in the world. So much to live for.
Henry: Aisuna lauχum. No matter the reason, it still means I keep coming back.
Yvette: Vertun Vinum. Darling cousin, and you will be again.


Aidan: Unexpected twists are the best twists, wouldn't you agree?
Bjorn: A very tall, intelligent young man with a soft heart and impressive breadth. Such things are dangerous to walk around with.
Conni: Lightning at the fingertips and long legs. Why is it you walk around clothed at all?
Max: This one has a very interesting way of 'applying' for a job. Piqued curiosity, for now.


Casia: Lovely, but seems a bit on the hesitant side. Curious if she just got that way because I showed up.
Emrys: Curious fellow, seemed to have more questions than suggestions. Not sure just what to make of him.
Isaac: Attractive, watchful. Seems a little jittery. That could be fun.


Aksel: Not a fan of you electing who is important to keep safe and who isn't. I hope your boat leaks.
Amalesh: A man leading an exhausting life as a doctor. Still, not a terrible conversationalist.
Aolani: Beautiful girl, capable of pulling the drain plug on an entire lagoon!
Aurelie: Mech aska. Be cautious little Raith, leaving me without a dance partner would leave me terribly bored.
Casey: A girl walking a tightrope. She's cute, has a good amount of spunk to her, and seems to like the edge of the knife.
Corrine: Capable, though tends to shoot first and ask questions later. Knows a good trick or two.
Felix: Fun to watch spin around with his glow sticks.
Fiona: Lovely bartender with a good instinct for what people want. Worth hiring for a private party or two.
Grayson: Delightful newcomer that's elected to prove himself inordinately interesting.
Iara: The little dove seems to be developing her courage. Well done, my little batling. Tastes like innocence.
Jane: Glorious eyes, and wings. Talk about an interesting study in positive and negative.
Joachim: A man that can truly disappear a body. The potential there is somewhat... Thought provoking.
Kilia: A family with Leif and their little one, very much in the realm of mothers, she saw to her child first.
Leif: A family man that made sure his family was safe, then helped cut down on the danger they left behind.
Lio: Regularly a delightful diversion, and now comes equipped with information that piques my curiosity.
Lola: A strange girl, interesting hair that seems to change with the whim of her mood.
Nacho: Runs a tight ship, and serves quite a good canape. Perhaps we'll have to see if he does entrees.
Nick: Sharp of tongue, fine of face, quick of foot.
Noemi: Willing to sacrifice herself to save others, or at least get them to safety.
Peter: Not sure why he feels the need to be jabby, I get it, shitty night, but come on. It was pretty shitty for all of us.
Rick: Came into the water and saved me from a possible dire fate, so... I suppose I owe him something.
Robin: Polite, a little peppy, seems to miss some social cues. Seems unerringly positive. I do wonder how long that will last.
Villam: Hmm. I don't know how I feel about the fact that you were told to look for me.

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RP Hooks
Finger on the Pulse of The Real Estate Market: Looking for a place to call your own? I can help.
Next Big Thing: Always looking to move up in the world? A new view can help!
Fellow White Courtier?: Are you another of those fiends that feed from their fellow... man? Perhaps we should talk.
People in all the Places: Hey, it's likely that Eve can tell you where to go to get what you want. Not because she gets it there, but because she sold the place next door.

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Played By: Agnieszka Golebiewska
Eve 30.JPG

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Name: Evilynn 'Eve' Lorelei Dasse (Skavis)
Apparent Age: 28
Age: 106 (But a Lady never tells)
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Temperament: Intense, Intelligent, Sharp-Witted, Sharp-Tongued
Mantle: White Court Vampire
White Court Family: Skavis
Status: Established Realtor on Oahu
Occupation: Realtor, Owner of Dasse Real Estate
Languages: English, Etruscan, Hawaiian
Theme Song: Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore
Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless
Active Alts: Loa, Grace (Jade Courtier), Lili (Emissary of Power), Mila (Scion), Nala (Werecreature), Nia (Red Court Infectee), Owen (Magical Practitioner), Sylvi (Valkyrie), Uma (Focused Practitioner), Wren (Changeling)
Inactive Alts:

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