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The hot center of the erupting volcano has cracked in a funny way, forming a smiley face and giving everyone in the island something to talks about.
Social media is currently filled with smiley lava from Kilauea.
The volcano is considered an active shield volcano and it is the most active out of the five volcanoes on the island.
Locals assure the volcano has been erupting since 1983 and impressing island goers ever since.

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I am here to run scenes and plot for the entire site.
If you have need of a GM during a scene I can likely come moderate an emergency issue if it comes up.
For all other requests, please submit a +job.
I tend to bring a sort of unique danger to scenes so I hope to see you there.
I look forward to running scenes for you!

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Kilauea Pic.jpg

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  • Name: Kilauea
  • Age: Near enough to 40
  • Place of Birth: UK
  • Status: Avidly Active
  • Occupation: GM

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None yet.