The Pixies

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“I could sit and watch nature documentaries with Jenks and the kids the rest of the night if I wanted.
And trust me, watching a dozen pixies scream as a crocodile chomped on a zebra was something not to be missed.
They invariably cheered for the crocodile, not the zebra.”

― Kim Harrison, A Perfect Blood

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If you've ever wondered what the little specks of dust that sparkle with their own light are, you might well be wondering at a pixie.
They seem to enjoy congregating together, and they seem to enjoy the company of a myriad of creatures.
Often, pixies are capricious and will mess with someone just because they can.
Sometimes, it's not the littlest pixies one has to worry about, but the Matron Pixies instead.
Matron Pixies are the pixies most powerful in their given court, they are also the largest of the pixies.

Careful, they're still quite capricious.

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  • Name: Adena, Artio, and Eira
  • Age: Unknown
  • Apparent Age: Changes
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Mantle: Faerie
  • Faerie Type: Full Sidhe Pixie
  • Fae Court: Summer, Winter, and Wyld
  • Status: Currently handling 'Pixie Season'
  • Occupation: Minders of the Pixie Legion

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The Pixies
Played By: Various

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