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 Werecreatures are those shapeshifters that can only change into one alternate form. What they lack in flexibility and form options they make up for in the ability to specialize and be the very best shapeshifter of their type they can be.

Some of these shapeshifters are naturally born with the potential - a "minor talent" who's somewhat less minor than most - or have put in years of hard work learning how to do it, much like those who learn to take on a Wereform. Others are tied more directly with mythology; perhaps you've been infused with a drop from Ceridwen's cauldron, or you're a descendant of a trickster like Loki or Coyote.

Power Limitation

 If your Werecreature does not fall under the Scion/Changeling/Emissary of Power mantle as their primary mantle they are limited to taking only specific powers in their Human/Native form. Any other Creature Features or Physical Powers are only available for purchase on their alternate forms. Additionally, no power type outside of Shapeshifting, Creature Features, or Physical are available to your PC.
  • The powers available to take in Human form for Werecreatures without extra mojo are:
  • Any applicable Shapeshifting Powers
  • Beast Caller
  • Beast Whisperer
  • Echoes of the Beast
  • Echoes of the Forest
  • Forest Caller
  • Forest Whisperer
  • Pack Instincts

Important Skills


Minimum Refresh Cost



  • Werecreatures must have a high concept that in some way indicates their supernatural ability.
  • Werecreatures must take the Physical Transformation condition.
  • Werecreatures must take the Beast Change power.
  • Werecreatures must take the Human Form power. (This will automatically include the Form Powers power upon purchase)

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