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 Changelings are not the only beings out there born to inhuman heritage; almost any denizen of the supernatural world can interbreed with humans. These 'scions' tend to inherit at least some of the power and nature of their inhuman parent, and walk a similar line to changelings, being able to grow closer to that inhuman side over time. In terms of the family tree, the closest relation you can be to your otherworldly relative is a grandchild.

Important Skills

 None specifically, this is varied highly for this mantle.

Minimum Refresh Cost

 -0. The powers and stunts taken entirely depend on how close the Scion is to their heritage.


  • Scions must have a high concept indicating their otherworldly heritage.
  • Scions must take the Called Condition.
  • We ask that Scions create a power template in bg 4 to indicate what powers their heritage might afford them in the future.

Active PCs

  • Ink - Daniel Sheehan
  • Mila - Jianna Renae Bonomi
  • Noah - Jeremy Renner

Active Scion NPCs

Coming Soon

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