The Night Marchers

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"Know your place and show your respect.
When the Night Marchers come, they'll extract the price in your pain if you don't."

- Milu

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The Night Warriors, known as Huaka’I po in the Hawaiian language, are frequently seen, especially on nights when the moon is full.
During the recent event of the blood or red moon, even though the islands were shrouded in dense clouds
multiple sightings of the Night Marchers were reported to local authorities in different locations throughout the island chain.
Appearing on the last four Hawaiian moon phases, just before the moon goes completely dark,
the Night Warriors have frequently been sighted traveling along a historic route that reportedly
cuts directly through the Davies Pacific Center in downtown Honolulu.
Recent sightings target sacred Hawaiian sites such as sacrificial temples and other locations in O’ahu including King Kamehameha III’s summer palace,
Yokomama Bay, Kalalma Valley, Makaha Valley Plantation, Ka’ena Point, and Diamond Head Crater.
On the nights of Kane, Lono, Akua, and Ku, ancient warriors proceed in a single file,
venturing forth from their burial mounds at sunset to march in proud unison to revisit sacred sites or the locations of past battles,
returning to their graves the following sunrise.

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  • Name: The Night Marchers
  • Age: Eternal
  • Place of Birth: Hawaii
  • Mantle: Spirits/Ghosts
  • Status: Endlessly Marching
  • Occupation: Ferrying Ancestors to the Other Side

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The Night Marchers
Played By: None (Spirits)
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