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Our Active NPCs
Another way to look for our active NPCs.

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Things to keep in mind

This is the category for active non-player characters.

  • To add your NPC to this list, use the Active NPCs category tag - Remember if you stop using the NPC or they die to change the tag to Inactive NPC.
  • A list of all currently active PCs, NPCs, and their Played-By actor/models can be seen at: Active PCs

Why are there Active NPCs?

 Active NPCs are those recurring non-player characters you can expect to see more than once, or are integral to a plot. They do not warrant a page if they're only used once, those are pretty much 'transient' NPCs. If you do have an NPC that is going to be used often, making them a page will help players and other GMs interact with them, just like having an Active PC page gives more context to the character you're portraying in everyday RP.

Active NPCs

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