Surfing Mechanics

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Surfing Mechanics
Because not everyone can surf! It takes practice and effort!

Why are there surfing mechanics?

 Oahu is literally beaches to all sides, places to hop into the water and play, places to enjoy some fun in the sun, places to get your surf on. Surfing isn't something you can just do without training, though. It takes time and practice, and that's why there are stunts that cover the sport specifically. (Similar stunts could exist to cover all manner of other specified sports.) To make the roll to surf it will look like the following:
  • Without Surfer:
+roll Athletics -2 (Overcome vs Wave Diff 1) (set the diff depending on where you're surfing)
  • With Surfer:
+roll Athletics (Surfer, Overcome vs Wave Diff 2) (set the diff depending on where you're surfing)
  • With Surf Master:
+roll Athletics +2 (Surf Master, Overcome vs Wave Diff 3) (set the diff depending on where you're surfing)

What is the surf penalty?

 Any PC attempting to surf without the Surfer Stunt is subject to a -2 penalty to their roll, as they aren't trained enough in surfing to be able to know what they're doing. Once someone picks up the Surfer Stunt, this penalty goes away!

What's up with Surf Master?

 Surf Master is a professional level stunt that requires you first buy Surfer. Surf Master then denotes a +2 bonus to your overcome rolls while you're on your surfboard, making it obvious you're REALLY good at surfing. This bonus is truly important when you start dealing with waves that have higher difficulty.

Why even bother?

 The biggest reason to worry about this stuff is quite simple, it's a part of the setting that very well can harm your PC. The rating on the waves measure how much damage can be done to your PC should you fail to overcome the roll. If you're surfing against a Diff 3 wave and only make a +2 on your roll? You take 1 shift of damage. If you're surfing against a Diff 5 wave and only make a 0 on your roll, you take 5 shifts of damage. Likewise, if you're surfing against a Diff 3 wave and make a +6 on your roll? You're totally good to go! No damage, and you totally stay up on your board!

Waves have Difficulty?

 Yes! On different areas of the island, waves are going to be tougher to surf. Each area has a difficulty associated with it, and during the particularly intense swells (like during the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational that only happens once a year, IF the swells hit 20 feet tall), the difficulty will go up. The difficulty for surfing in each area is listed below:
  • Waikiki - Difficulty 1
  • Turtle Bay - Difficulty 1
  • North Shore - Difficulty 2
  • North Shore during Circuit Competition - Difficulty 4
  • Kailua Beach - Difficulty 2
  • Banzai Pipeline - Difficulty 3
  • Banzai Pipeline during Circuit Competition - Difficulty 4
  • Waimea Bay - Difficulty 3
  • Waimea Bay during Quicksilver Invitational - Difficulty 5
  • Volcanic Beach- Difficulty 5 (Exceedingly dangerous, this beach is not a suggested surfing beach)
  • Note: Any temporary rooms made in these areas need to adhere to the surf difficulties laid out.