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Pure Mortal


 Pure mortals are ordinary (or mundanely extraordinary) people who don't have anything supernatural about them, personally. They can come from any walk of life: police officers, students, doctors, mobsters. While they don't have supernatural power of their own, they can still have quite a bit of weight behind them in terms of their mundane abilities, and perhaps "civilized world" influence, connections, and resources.

In terms of game mechanics, Pure Mortals are allowed to bank Fate up to the amount of unspent Refresh they have, with a cap of 5 Fate points where as Supernaturals can only bank up to 3 at most.

Important Skills

 None specifically, this is varied highly for this mantle.


  • Pure Mortals must not take any Powers.

Minimum Refresh Cost

 -0. Pure Mortals cannot take any powers but are welcome to take as many stunts as they have refresh to spend.

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