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Or: Those that Follow the Leading Hand of Their God


 Faith has power, where the strength of your belief can turn back the tide of darkness. There are special mortals among us whose beliefs are so strong that they cross into the territory of true supernatural power. These mortals are called Faithful. Whether they simply uphold the teachings of their God to the highest they possibly can, or are active Champions in his honor, they are filled with Faith and place their trust in the Plan of God (Or at least something similarly all-powerful).

Minimum Refresh Cost


Faithful Musts

  • Faithful must have a high concept reflecting their status as such.
  • Faithful must take the Crisis of Faith Condition.
  • Faithful must take the Bless This House Power.
  • Faithful must take the Right Place, Right Time Power.

Important Skills

 Empathy, Rapport, and Will.

Active PCs

Active Faithful NPCs

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