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A Guide to Understanding PC Advancement on Tenebrous Isles

MMO-Style Gain

 It's often the first question asked of any RP site you go to. How do I advance my character? Well, here at Tenebrous Isles you gain XP in the form of Days. Our system is set up with an MMO-style, mathematically calculated, graduated scale of XP gain. You'll gain your earlier days fast, really fast, to the point that you'll be able to build up your new PC very quickly. As you gain more Days on your PC the gain will slow down, making it so that you have to wait longer between milestone achievements.


 Eventually, you WILL hit the XP cap of 50 skill points and 20 (14 of which can be spent on Powers) refresh. And yes, there is an XP cap here. Don't despair though! Once you've hit the XP cap on your PC, you have the option of giving all further gained days on that PC to one of your alternate PCs. This allows you to bring your old PC to a scene where you might need them, or to continue their story, without feeling as though your efforts are being unrewarded. The story of your PC doesn't end when XP gain does, and we fully understand that.

Why the MMO-style gain?

 We're going with an MMO-Style XP gain to help keep the power curve to levels where it won't cause the players longest on the site to have an insurmountable bonus above new players. Scenes and situations should all be able to be enjoyed by any skill level participant, and it's our intention to make it so that new players don't feel 'new' for long.

How do I gain XP/Days?

All PCs gain steady days just by being approved, but you can also gain bonus days in the following ways:
  • Running a scene or plot (10 bonus days per scene)
  • Taking part in a scene ran by a GM or player (2 bonus days per scene)
  • Receiving +noms (1 bonus day per +nom for the receiver, no bonus days are supplied to the giver of the +nom.)

How do I spend XP/Days?

 XP/Days go toward both the counters that give you Skill Points and Refresh Points.
  • Skill Points can only be spent on Skills.
  • Refresh Points can be spent on Powers or Stunts.
  • Keep in mind that your available Refresh also dictates how many Fate Points you have, up to your Fate Cap (See: House Rules for more information on Fate Cap).
  • To spend your Skill Points or Refresh, just put in a +request <name> Skill/Refresh or Skill & Refresh Spend=<describe what you're buying>. Once that's been entered, a GM will approve you to go into CG so you can make your purchases.
  • Remember to use +stress/update when you're done, as it can effect your sheet strongly if you purchase things that change the values elsewhere on your sheet!
The blue line represents the total total of Refresh on the character, capping at 20. The orange line represents the 1st, 2nd, etc refresh point and the number of days it takes.

Refresh Curve.png

Refresh Curve
The blue line represents the total total of skills on the character, capping at 50. The orange line represents the 1st, 2nd, skill point and the number of days it takes.

Skill Curve.png

Skill Curve