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House Rules
How we apply the Fate System here on Tenebrous Isles

Where Can I Find Fate Info?

 Here at Tenebrous Isles we will be implementing a combination of Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, and Dresden Files RPG/Accelerated rules. Luckily, you can find the Fate books at Evil Hat's site, including DFA (Dresden Fate Accelerated) once it's released publicly.

Is it really all that different?

 Yes, things have changed up a bit. Some skills have been combined and new skills have been added. There are differed rates of XP (Days) gain and when/how you can spend them. Additionally, powers are somewhat different, though some have seemingly stayed almost the same. To make things easier on those coming to our game, we've provided all available powers, stunts, and available info here on our wiki so that even if you don't have the RPG books you can play here.

Why The Fate Combo?

 There are many reasons why we decided to go for the combination of Fate rules we've decided on. The biggest reason is that the standard play rules in the DFRPG system have been improved for enhanced usability, understanding, and balance. We wanted to incorporate a system of play that helped players get a firm hold on the system no matter their level of exposure previously.


 If you'd like your character to be able to carry anything that might have an effect in scene (weapons, important medical supplies, what not), you need to input a +equip request so that your inventory can be filled on your PC. If you do not have anything in your +inv (inventory), it is assumed your PC doesn't carry anything that will be of mechanical use into scenes.

Just put in a request with the following: +equip <Name> Equipment Request=<list of equipment being requested>. Be sure to include W: ratings if you're asking for a weapon to have on your person. Also be aware that there are some restrictions in Hawaiian laws for things like guns or bows and arrows.

Fate Points?

 Fate points are an integral part of the Fate system, and the Dresdenverse. They can allow you to overcome odds that you would normally not be able to persevere against, and can be given as an incentive for you to to behave in certain ways according to your Character's Aspects.

Fate can be used in the following ways:

  • Buying out of a compel offered to you by a GM or player within a scene. If you elect not to accept a compel based on one of your aspects, you will spend 1 Fate point to do so.
  • Making a declaration regarding the current scene (I.E. 'I found a metal baseball bat!' or 'Oh look! A natural layer of sea salt has accumulated on this patch of sand, which I can scrape up and throw in the face of this naughty spirit!').
  • Creating alterations to the result of a +roll:
  • If an aspect you are invoking on a roll is not really all that applicable, you can only use your Fate point for a reroll.
  • If an aspect you are invoking on a roll is applicable, but only kind-of, you can use your Fate point to either reroll or gain a +1 to the roll.
  • If an aspect you are invoking on a roll is definitely applicable to the situation, you can use your Fate point to either reroll or gain a +2 on the roll.
  • If an aspect you are invoking on a roll is overwhelmingly applicable to the situation, you can use your Fate point to either reroll or gain a +3 on the roll.

Fate can be gained in the following ways:

  • Fate refills naturally at the rate of 1 per week, up to your cap. You can hold only as many Fate points as you have available Refresh, up to a cap of 3 Fate points for Supernaturals and 5 Fate points for Pure Mortals.
  • Fate can be gained by accepting a compel offered to you based on one of your aspects by the GM of a scene or even by another player in the scene. (Please note, all Compels are monitored and during a scene they must be approved by the GM running the scene.)
  • Fate can be 'purchased' with +votes.


 +Votes are an often used MUSH method of giving a little pat on the back to those you've enjoyed being in a scene with. We do encourage you to +vote for others in your scene as a way to thank them for being involved with you via RP.

+Votes do not contribute to days gained, but they do have an advantage! As Fate refills at a rate of only 1 per week, you can 'sell' your +votes at a rate of 30 votes for 1 Fate point, up to your cap, if you feel the need to gain more Fate points before your natural refill, or a compel, occurs.

Power Limits

 While there is an XP cap, there is also the limiter of a powers cap here at TI. Each PC starts out with 8 refresh to spend, which makes it so that they are able to build a full Magical Practitioner template, A True Shapeshifter, or a White Court Vampire (the 3 most expensive starting mantles). From that point, you are only allowed to spend Refresh points up to 14 points of Powers. Yes, this means that even if your Scion's Grand-Parent Power template has 85 Refresh worth of powers, you will only ever be allowed to take 14 Refresh worth of those listed Powers.

Stunts are not considered Powers, and therefore will not add to the total Refresh spent on Powers.

The Tells of Magic?

 Magic is never cast in a vacuum. When a PC uses Evocation, they're literally taking from the elements around them to support the element they're using during casting. This results in changes to the immediate area around the caster (Suddenly getting cold or icy when they throw fire around), as well as changes in the caster. If the PC has any sort of 'guise' making them look more human than they are (I.E. Valkyrie's Wings not normally on display) the guise will fail as it's no longer focused on when they cast magic. Emissaries of Power will have their Mark of Power glow brightly, changelings will have their mantles flair up to produce a more true view of what they are on their Fae side up to and including the enhancement of their seasonal affinity. You cannot cast evocation covertly, you can totally be noticed doing it. No doubt. There's no stealth there.

When using an enchanted item, you're still using magic. It's not a secret, you're pulling out an item and performing a change to the world around you.

Likewise, when you perform Thaumaturgical acts, your body will react to the magic as you build the spell. That, and it's pretty noticeable that you've worked up a magic circle and are chanting and performing rites to get the magic set up the way you want it.

Water, Water, Everywhere!

 The element of water, in the Dresdenverse, is the element of entropic forces. This property means that mortal magics are grounded and dissolved when the energy or caster passes through water. The waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands are different.

The islands are located within the confluence of a massive ley line nexus according to maps of European and Indian origin. It is also the center of the Ring of Fire, the element of fire combining with the element of Water and nullifying the properties of the opposing elements. The nexus represents the 10th Gate Chakra (Aura) of the Earth. This changes the entropic properties to something less disruptive to magic, allowing magic to exist on and under the waves of Oahu. The doctrine within the White Council dismisses these claims of course, though the Wardens of the area have stated otherwise. Rather than wholly dispelling mortal magics, casters instead face a -2 to their casting rolls while submerged in, surrounded by, or penetrating water.

Power and Touch

 All creatures great and small have the ability to sense when something else is more powerful. It can be explained as that sensation of the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, or the shiver up your spine, or even the goosebumps you might get when someone unknown brushes against your arm randomly. Because of this, it's entirely possible for /anyone/ to get a feel that someone might be more than human from something as simple as skin to skin contact. Yes, even Pure Mortals can get the sense that they're shaking hands with or hugging someone (or whatever other physical contact you may find yourself doing) that's beyond the shadow of a mere mortal like they are.

 Mechanically this works out to being very simple. Skin to skin contact means you can feel that someone else is 'other' than just a human. Keep in mind, you don't know their flavor, you don't get an idea as to their power level, and you don't immediately know that they are good or evil. You just know that there's more going on below the surface than meets the eye.

 Now, if for some reason a PC or NPC of mixed heritage, or some other variation that denotes they're not fully human, elects to be hiding or suppressing their energy field in some way, there is a contested Lore Vs. Will roll involved. The person attempting to hide the fact that they're in some way beyond Pure Mortal rolls their Will skill, and the person attempting to detect that they are in some way beyond a Pure Mortal in power rolls their Lore skill. If the one rolling Lore wins, or Ties with the one rolling Will, the person doing the detecting gets the good ole sensation that the other person is more than Human. If the one rolling the Will skill wins? Well, they come off as just you're average, everyday, Pure Mortal.

Fleeting, Sticky, and Lasting? What about Recovery?

 Aspects and Consequences now have different time frames attached to them, in the form of Fleeting, Sticky, and Lasting.
Fleeting (Mild) Consequences or Aspects are something that is gone at the end of a scene.
Sticky (Hurt or Peril) Consequences or Aspects can take up to 1 week IRL to recover from, though if the Aspect is overcome sooner, the Sticky Aspect can be removed. Please note, recovery from Mental or Physical Hurt or Peril Consequences doesn't start until they're placed into recovery, then it takes 1 week from the date recovery begins.
Lasting (Doomed) Consequences or Aspects can take up to 1 month IRL to recover from, though if the Aspect is overcome sooner, the Lasting Aspect can be removed. Please note, recovery from Mental or Physical Doomed Consequences doesn't start until they're placed into recovery, then it takes 1 month from the date recovery begins.

The Laws of Magic

 Not all Magic Users belong to the White Council. But the White Council has taken it upon themselves to police all Magic Users. Because of this, there are certain laws that all Mortal Magic Users must pay attention to. Since all PCs are Mortals, this means that using Magic in any of these ways can be a serious problem, one that could make you a good 6 inches shorter from the neck up if the wrong person sees how much you've twisted (spiritually) due to your naughty use of Magic.

The Laws of Magic:

  • Never take a human life (mortal lives are precious and taking them tarnishes the soul visibly)
  • Never transform another (even if they're OK with it, this is a huge no-no because altering someone's body has further reaching consequences than just a change of appearance)
  • Never invade the thoughts of another mortal (the thoughts of others are meant to stay the thoughts of others, not yours)
  • Never enthrall another (enthralling a human goes even beyond reading and pilfering their thoughts into taking control of them)
  • Never reach beyond the borders of life (you cannot bring the dead back to life legally)
  • Never swim against the currents of time (no, you cannot rewind the day for a do-over)
  • Never seek knowledge and power from beyond the Outer Gates (those beyond the gates gain power when they're known or understood. This is a very bad thing)

True Emotions

 The function of True Emotions upon people that are vulnerable to them is based entirely on an aspect being used to enforce the reaction. Because of this, there are a couple of very important notes that need to be taken into consideration:
  • Does the person enacting harm via True Emotion have that True Emotion as one of their aspects?
  • If they do not, then that person cannot use their 'Love' or 'Hope' or 'Courage' against someone that could be effected by the emotion. (I.E. Burning a White Court Skavis Vampire with True Hope)
  • If they do? Then in order to garner the effect of the True Emotion, the person enacting the effect must spend a Fate point to achieve the desired reaction after coming into physical contact with the person that is vulnerable to the effect. (This is mechanically how this works in scenes)

Thought Posing

 It is understood that people like thorough poses. Thought posing is including a character's thoughts in those poses, and many times, they are non-interactive. When people read those poses, they have to consider what is meant to be interactive, and what isn't. When there are few participants this process can be less difficult, but the problem compounds as the scene goes longer and there are more participants. Also, the mind is not infallible and in recalling something, it may confuse whether an idea was spoken aloud or just thought. So as the expression goes, Read you like a book, so goes the site. Any thought pose can be treated as giving some mix of expression, body language, and mumbling. This opens the door for the less deceptive crowd to give things away and entire poses to be something that can be interacted with.

Water Breathing & Underwater Communication

 The Gem of the Pacific is surrounded by thousands of miles of Ocean in any direction. In the Dresdenverse there are many things that live beneath the waves and they are generally at odds with humanity. This is a major part of the setting, and it needs improvement.

As a note, every character (regardless of mantle) is capable of creating an aspect that allows them to breath and communicate underwater in a language they already speak. This can be done through mundane or magical means without cost to the character in the form of stress, borrowed, or called tracks. This does not mean that water is without its dangers.

This free aspect does not protect against the pressure and cold of the crushing depths, nor is it without the possibility of being compelled against. Due to most individuals being land-based (lacking the aquatic power), most underwater actions result in a -2 penalty.