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Shapeshifter Codex
Here are the instructions for setting up the Shifter portion of your Shapeshifting character.

Starting Out

 There are many beings in this world that can change their shape. This is the room where you'll set the information uniquely required by shapeshifters - in particular, just what other forms you have, and how they're different to the one you already have.

Type +show to view the information for your current form.

Type +save to save your current form's information, or +save <name> to save it with a customized name. After you use this command for the first time, the +shift commands will become available to you. See +help +shift and +help +forms for further information, summarized below.

  • Type +shift/create <name> to create a new form, which you can then shift into and modify.
  • To view your current form's name, and the names and numbers of your other forms, type +forms.
  • To view the information for one of your forms, type +form <number>.
  • To shift into a different form, type +shift <number>.

Once you have more than one form, you can type +shift/delete <number> to remove one if necessary. Note that you cannot delete Form Zero.

Type +stress/update to update your stress tracks and consequence slots to the settings your current form, Skills and Powers would indicate.

For information about using this room for the Skill Shuffle effect, type +CG Form Skills.

For information about using this room to spend Form Points on form-specific powers, type +CG Form Powers.

Form Powers

 Form Powers and Modular Abilities create the possibility that some forms will have different powers from others. This occurs through the allocation of Form Points: points which you acquire through the allocation of refresh points to the base powers. If you have access to Form Points, then each non-zero Form can have powers costing up to your total Form Points. (Note: Unlike Refresh points, you can spend Form Points all the way down to zero!)

For those that have Form Points, this room behaves much like the Stunts and Powers room, limited to acquiring a subset of the available powers. The commands are detailed below.

Type +powers/list to view lists of the code-supported stunt or powers, respectively.

Type +powers/buy <number> to buy a listed stunt or power.

Type +powers/create <name>=<refresh cost> to add a code-unsupported power to your sheet. Note that you must specify that the number is negative.

Using <number>s from +show, type +powers/del <number> to remove a power from your form.

Type +powers/cost <number>=<new cost> to change a power's refresh cost.

Type +powers/name <number>=<new name> to change the name of a power.

Type +powers/note <number>=<note> to add a note to one of your current form's powers.

Type +powers/reorder <power num>=<new position> to move a power within your current form's list.

Type +powers/sort to sort your form's power list alphabetically.

Form Skills

 The Skill Shuffle power effectively allows your different forms to have unique sets of Skills: keeping within the same Skill cap, Skill point total, and structured system, the specifics of your Skills can be almost completely different. The primary restriction is that knowledge and social Skills can't be given a higher value. Turning into a mole does not make you more knowledgeable about electrical engineering.
  • Skills that cannot be raised via shifting include:
Burglary, Casting, Contacts, Crafts, Deceive, Drive, Empathy, Lore, Performance, Provoke, Rapport, Resources, Scholarship, Shoot, Survival, and Will.
  • Skills that can be raised via shifting include:
Athletics, Fight, Notice, Physique, and Stealth.

To set your current form to use the Skill Shuffle system, type +skills/shuffle. To set the Skills back to being the same as Form 0, type +skills/unshuffle. For Skill-shuffled forms, this room uses similar commands to those in the original Skills room, reproduced below.

Type +skills/list to view the names of all the Skills available in the system.

Type +skills/clear to reset your Skills to the beginning.

Type +skills/slots <rating>=<number> to buy <number> slots at <rating>.

Type +skills/set <Skill>=<rating> to set <Skill> into one of your slots at <rating>

Type +skills/swap <Skill 1>=<Skill 2> to swap the ratings of two Skills, as in a Minor Milestone.

Type +skills/shift <Skill>=<rating> to shift a Skill to the chosen rating, moving its base Skill slot.

Type +skills/note <note> to write a note describing your form's Skills, or +skills/note to erase this note.

When you've finished making changes to your skills in your alternate form, please be sure to use the +stress/update command before you shift into another form, or back to your primary form. This will update your stress boxes and any other relevant information on your sheet related to coded changes due to skills or powers you own only on your alternate form.

Additionally, even if you don't have skill shuffle, please be sure to do +stress/update in your alternate forms after spending skill points on your primary form so that all of your sheets update.