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For the sake of our grid balance, there are times when certain concepts must disallowed or removed from game.


  • Black Court Vampires
  • Demi-Gods (While you can be descended from a deity, you cannot be directly the child of one.)
  • Dragons (While you can be descended from a Dragon, you cannot play a full blooded dragon)
  • Faerie Court Knights
  • Full Fae (Changelings are only half Fae and if they make the choice to go full Fae, they become NPCs)
  • Gods
  • Knights of the Cross
  • Owner/Runner of ANG (Accorded Neutral Ground)
  • Police PCs
  • Red Court Vampires
  • Terrorist concepts
  • Under 18 years old
  • Wardens of the White Council


 Please note, Wardens are highly rare in the time period we're playing in. There is an NPC Warden in charge of Hawaii already, so the geographical area is covered. This is why Warden PCs are not allowed, they are literally unnecessary in this setting.

 Police PCs are not allowed. Retired cops, ex-cops, PI's, and even military variations thereof are fine, but no PCs that are currently cops will be allowed.

 Accorded Neutral Territory exists on the grid already in the form of The Fallen Pig. We do not need any more ANG locations and there will be no approvals for people building it or running it.