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Helpful MUSH Commands
If you need more help, please feel free to ask.

Helpful Commands for New MU* Players

help for built-in commands and +help for commands unique to Tenebrous Isles.

To say things in the room you're in:
say <type statement here>.
or simply
" <type statement here>.
This will display as:
Joe says "I can do it!"
Now you can talk to people an ask any questions you might have! The OOC nexus is the unofficial help center for everything; go ahead and ask questions as you have them!

To pose (or make an action) in the room you're in: :<type pose here>
This will display as:
Joe types this!

To see who is online and how many people are online:
who or +who
Be forewarned that there's usually 200-300 people online, so it's a long list.

To see where people are to be found on the grid in a list of rooms:

For the commands you need to start talking in channels:
help comsys

To see which staff members are online:

To send a private message to someone (for instance if you need help):
page playername=<type message here> will send the message 'message here' to player 'playername'. You can include multiple players if you want to, too. Just separate each name with a space, then finish with the equals sign and the message.

You can also page the last person you paged with just page <type message here> or p <type message here> or pa <type message here> if you want to leave off the playername= part.
Keep in mind that if you include a = in the message you MUST start it with page playername=<message here> or it will break the page and send it to all of the players it can find that start with the possible matches to the words post the equivalent sign. This can end up with some comical results, but is entirely avoidable!

To reply to the last person that paged you just use rp <type message here>

To read the in game bulletin boards:
+bbread to see the general board list, +bbread number (where number is an actual number, like 1) to see the posts on that number bulletin board, and +bbread number1/number2 where number1 and number2 are actual numbers to read a particular post with number number2 on board number number1. So +bbread 1/5 will display post 5 on board number 1 (which happens to be the Announcements board).

To read your mail:
@mail to see your inbox, if you have any messages. @mail <number> to read that number(ed) message, where number is an actual number, like 1.

For doing other things with mail, like sending it:
See help @mail and help mail-sending and mail-sending2 for detailed information. We recommend using @mail/quick for sending messages, it seems generally easier.

To get a wiki account, for example to set up your character's wiki page while you wait for character approval:
+req/web Wiki account=Hi, I'd like an account on the wiki, here's my e-mail address and the login I would like, and here's a backup login name if that one is taken.

Traveling and What to do when You're There

To see who and what is in the room with you:
l or look

You can also look at a particular person or object.
l playername or l objectname

To look at certain in character objects:
+view/here objectname

To see a map:
There are multiple layers available on the +map function, for help figuring these layers out go to +help map

To go places quickly using the map:
+help travel for all the details about how the syntax works. The location codes you need are in +map. You won't be able to go on the grid until your character is approved, though. You can also use +meet player to go to someone's location or to bring someone to your location easily.

To go to the OOC room:
+ooc or +travel ooc

Character Specific

To see your character sheet:

To see any PC's character sheet:
+sheet <name of PC>

To show everyone in the room you have a thing (or don't have it) on your character sheet:
+prove <type stat name> where stat is the stat you'd like to show.

To show a specific person that you have a thing (or don't have it) on your character sheet:
+prove <type stat name> to <character name> where stat is the stat you'd like to show. If the character you're proving to is not in the room with you place an * in front of their name.

To see census information on characters in the game:

To shift form (for instance, if you're playing a shapeshifter of some stripe):
See +help shift for syntax and information.

To describe what you look like when people look at you:
&desc me=Your description here

To describe your short desc (visible to everyone in the room as a short blurb after your name) you:
&short-desc me=Your short description here

To end lines in something you'd like to make into paragraphs, like if you want to start a new paragraph in your description or in a pose:
Use %r to end the line or %r%r to end a line and then leave a space between your two paragraphs. It works just like pressing enter does in a text editor.

To show that you're doing something, not just saying something:
:waves hello. Will show 'Yourname waves hello.' to everyone, where Yourname is your actual login name. You can use @emit or @emit %r to show something without having your name always be the first word, if you like.

Mechanics for Roleplaying

To roll dice:
See +help roll for syntax and details.

To see what scheduled roleplay events are planned:
+events to see the list of planned RP opportunities, +events number where number is the number of the event to get more detail on a particular event on the schedule. +events/date lists upcoming events chronologically, which is handy. +event/signup number will sign you up for an event, and +events/mine will show you what events you're signed up for.

To easily keep track of when a particular person is online or offline:
+watch/add player where player is a player's name to add them to your watchlist. Use +watch to see the status of everyone you've added to your list.

To send someone an in character text message to their character's cell phone:
+txt playername = messagehere

To talk to someone over your phone in character:
pp playername=<enter message here>

To see where people are in character, for instance when you're looking for casual roleplaying:

This help file has been taken/adjusted/rewritten for you by Loa, you can open a +request in the MUSH if you see anything that looks wrong or isn't here and should be included. </font>