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Red Court Infectees (Restricted)


 Red Court Vampires are able to infect mortals, putting them on a path to becoming a fully-fledged Red Court Vampire. These infectees possess some of the same powers as their 'parents', though at a more minor level. These people haven't completely lost their humanity yet, however: only when they devour enough of a victim's blood to kill them will they turn all the way into a vampire. With the right amount of discipline, they can hold out for at least a while.

 Some lucky infectees may find their way into joining the Fellowship of St. Giles - a secret organization that's bent on destroying the Red Court. They've devised magical tattoos which help to control the cravings, but they're often very demanding of their members. Additionally, these tattoos offer no relief or real help to those Infectees of the Tlazolli bloodline.

 This site has incorporated a cousin bloodline to that of the Red King, called the Tlazolli. They are required to feed on blood + sexual energy, or they can't be sustained. Descended from one of the Lords of Night, who was hailed as the Goddess Tlazolteotl, after she fed to the dying drop on one of the five Wutong Shen in an attempt to devour all of his sinfulness and filth, they are different in specific ways to the standard, Red King line. They are referred to 'affectionately' as The Filth, and tend to feed on those discarded by society as their preferred flavor is that of defilement and the more pervasive vices.

Important Skills


Active PCs

  • Max - Felisya Piana
  • Nia - Adriana Lima

Active Red Court NPCs

Minimum Refresh Cost

 -5 for Red King bloodline, -6 for Tlazolli bloodline


  • Red Court Infectees must have a high concept reflecting their status as such.
  • Red Court Infectees must take the Hungry Condition.
  • Red Court Infectees must take the Blood Drinker Power.
  • Red Court Infectees must take the Echoes of the Beast Power.
  • Echoes bonus must be for Hearing and Scent, the beast being Bats, if of the Red King's bloodline.
  • Echoes bonus must be for Scent and Touch, the beast being Snakes, if of the Tlazolli bloodline.
  • Red Court Infectees must take the The Kiss Power.
  • Red Court Infectees of the Tlazolli bloodline must take The Musk of Approach Power.
  • Red Court Infectees must take one of the following Powers:
  • Vampiric Physique.
  • Vampiric Recovery.
  • Vampiric Toughness.
  • Red Court Infectees may take the following Powers:
  • Inhuman Perception.
  • The perception must be thematically appropriate to the Red Court Vampires and to their Bloodline. Night Vision for Red King and Infrared Vision for Tlazolli.
  • Tattoos of St Giles.
  • If at any point the character kills another human and drinks their blood, it must immediately 'upgrade' into a full Red Court Vampire. This results in the character dropping well below play-ability and turning into an NPC.

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