Ban-able Offenses

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Ban-able Offenses

I have no doubt that this list is not comprehensive.
People are amazing in their flexibility and creativity and sometimes, sadly, they will apply those ingenious imaginations towards finding ways to be banned from sites.
This list will be updated as new, ban-able, offenses come to light but for now I am hoping it will never have to be. - Loa

Rule #1

  • Paging a GM under their player character alt about situations to do with their GM alts in an abusive or extremely inconsiderate manner.

 In other words, you cannot page a GM about a +job that you put in requesting some XP spend or another while they are logged in under their PC alt only. The first offense that is complained about this to staff will be punished with a week long ban of the player at fault.

 If a second complaint is put in about a player harassing staff in this way, that player will be banned for one full month. On a third offense, the player will be permanently banned from the site.

Rule #2

  • Blatant racism on public channels.

 While there is no reason to stop two people speaking quietly in pages about whatever might be on their minds, blatantly speaking in a racist manner on public channels will not be allowed.

 The first offense of rule #2 will be met with a week long ban. Second offense will be met with one full month long ban. The third offense of this rule will be met with a permanent ban from the site.

Rule #3

  • Abusing staff or fellow players on public channels or in pages.

 If there is a personality conflict that arises between two people, it should be handled in as adult a manner as possible. If two people cannot speak nicely to one another, they should not speak to each other at all. Now, as this cannot always be the case, if a player cannot bear to talk to another person, be they staff or fellow player, in a nice fashion they should simply stop talking rather than spewing abuse.

 The first offense of abusive treatment of other players or staff will be met with a week long ban. Second offense will be met with one full month long ban. The third offense of this rule will be met with a permanent ban from the site.

Rule #4

  • Posing Rape Scene details when the other person involved requested to not see any of them.

 This is a no-brainer, but to keep it clear - if a person taking part in a scene that involves Rape has stated they do not want to play it out, and the scene was not faded at that point with the statement 'Rape Occurred' but instead with some description of what happened during the rape, the person posting the description will be permanently banned from the site. Period.

Rule #5

  • Any player proven to have been Meta-gaming in order to gain information IC will be banned.

 If a player is queried for Meta-gaming (using OOC information as IC knowledge without properly attaining that knowledge IC) and cannot produce logs or +jobs to demonstrate how they gained the specified knowledge IC will be banned for a minimum of 1 month.

Rule #6

  • Staffers participating in described Rape while using an NPC alt will be fired immediately.

 Any staff member caught using an NPC to perform described Rape during a scene will be fired without second chances given. This is utterly unprofessional and the staff of Tenebrous Isles should be professional at all times humanly possible.

 (This rule is not meant to limit what the Staff members can do with their PCs in their general RP, just what they do while using Staff-run NPCs.)

Rule #7

  • Threatening the lives or well-being of fellow players or staff

 This is just a game. Only a game. If you aren't having fun perhaps it is best you leave the game. If, however, you feel the need to threaten the lives or well-being of your fellow players, you will be banned from this site permanently.