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Alts (Alternate PCs)
We have no limit on alts, so long as they fall within the following simple requirements:

Register your Alt!

 If you already have a PC on Tenebrous Isles, please be sure to go through the Alt registration process in Room 1 of CG before you submit your new PCs concept.

Transparency about Shared IPs

 If you share the same IP as another player on Tenebrous Isles, please let us know. For sanity's sake. Mostly ours.

Cool down time?

 There's no enforced time to wait between PCs being approved here. If you're inspired, go ahead and make your next PC. You're only limited to having 1 of each specific mantle.

No conflicts of interest, please.

 There are a couple of pieces to this one, so it's important to take note of, even if you find they are common sense ideas.
  • No Double Dipping - We are good with you making one of everything, really. But only one of everything. This provides a HUGE number of PCs. Please do not try to ask for special treatment on this as the response will be 'No'.
  • No Self-Help - PCs run by the same person cannot trade information, materials, or anything else for that matter. They must remain completely separate in terms of what one PC knows from experience vs what the other knows. Your multiple PCs can run in the same circles, have the same friends, but each PC has to gain their knowledge for themselves and cannot learn from one another by osmosis.
  • No Paradoxes - Only bring one of your PC alts into a scene, two (or more) of your PC alts cannot exist in the same scene at the same time. Do you want a Paradox? This is how Paradoxes happen.
  • No Cross-Contamination - You cannot persecute another PC based on the fact that one of your PCs does not get along with that PC in specific. Allow all of your PCs to develop their own opinions in game.
  • No Alt-Retaliation - Similar to the rule above, but this one is specific. You cannot make an Alt to avenge the death of a previous character. That's just not cool.