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Active PCs
A list of active PCs and their Played By

*Do not create your PC page before your concept is approved, please.

This list is maintained automatically. Characters are listed alphabetically by Mantle. If they have specified the name of the person they are using for portraits, it will display after the character name.
If your character is on this list, but their played by is not listed, please see the Character Page Template Documentation for help.

Characters On Grid


  • Isaac - Alejandro Corzo Suarez
  • Peyt - Talia Papantoniou
  • Wren - Charlie Hunnam

Emissaries of Power

  • Lili - Lacey Nelson
  • Shawn - Matthew McConaughey
  • Tabby - Paula Garcés


Jade Courtiers

Magic Users

  • Emrys - Iain de Caestecker
  • Owen - Thomas Beaudoin
  • Uma - Sarah McDaniel

Pure Mortals

Red Court Infected

  • Max - Felisya Piana
  • Nia - Adriana Lima


  • Ink - Daniel Sheehan
  • Mila - Jianna Renae Bonomi
  • Noah - Jeremy Renner
  • Xanthe - Tonia Sotiropoulou



White Courtiers

  • Damien - Sean Brosnan
  • Eve - Agnieszka Golebiewska

Active NPCs